Guide to Cities & Towns of California

Californian City Guides

California has some of the most beautiful towns, national parks and coastlines in America. The State is graced with dozens of stunning Spanish missions and indeed, as California belonged to Mexico via Spain, there is a rich collection of colonial Spanish architecture. Here are some of our favorite Californian cities and hamlets, enjoy the read...

Carmel Guide

Carmel is the most beautiful village in California, with one of the loveliest Spanish missions in the state, an immaculate downtown with art galleries and terrific eateries and a breathtaking coastline

Santa Barbara Guide

Santa Barbara
In a State with so many beautiful towns, Santa Barbara still stands out as one of the prettiest with its Spanish flavored architecture, its glorious beaches, its proximity to the wine country and its high end historic center

San Francisco Guide

San Francisco
San Francisco is California┬┤s grand dame, with a thriving cultural offering and simply gorgeous architecture, not to mention the fact that it has some of the best restaurants in America and is also the gateway to the dreamy Napa and Sonoma wine country