Guide to California Wine Regions

Californian Wine Regions

California is blessed with quality wine regions all throughout the state from Napa and Sonoma (north of San Francisco), through to Santa Cruz, Paso Robles (near Santa Barbara) all the way down to Temecula (between Los Angeles and San Diego). And were you to keep heading south you´d find interesting wines in Baja California (in Mexico) too. There is so much for wine lovers to see and do in this beautiful State, read on for detailed information on the specific wine regions

Californian Wine Regions, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz is a delightful region to visit midway between Paso Robles and Napa, full of towering redwood trees and outstanding national parks, gorgeous coastline and very friendly wine estates offering excellent value wine flights

Californian Wine Regions, Sonoma

Sonoma County is perhaps the most idyllic wine region in California, with miles of tidy vineyards and ranch style mainly family run very high quality estates