Italian Grape Varietals Guide

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Italian Red Grapes Aglianico: used to make quality full-bodied red wines in Campania (best commune being Taurasi) and also in up and coming Basilicata. Of Greek origin, it was known as “Vitis Hellenica” Aleatico: strong Mediterranean red varietal grown on the island of Elba and also in Puglia and Lazio Barbera: makes both elegant and […]

Italian A-Z Wine Dictionary

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A-D Abboccato – slightly sweet Acerbo – tart, “green” Acescenza – volatile wine Aceto – vinegar, usually made with a wine base Aglianico – ancient red grape grown in the Campania region of Italy (south of Naples) Alcool – alcohol Amabile – off dry (semi-sweet) Amaro – bitter Annata – vintage year Appassimento – the […]

Italian Ham Guide

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When you think of Italian ham, no doubt it’s the thin, crumpled slices of velvety smooth, salty-sweet Prosciutto that come to mind. Yet calling all Italian ham ‘Prosciutto’ is akin to calling all white wine ‘Chardonnay’. To the initiated, Prosciutto is a vast world of taste and texture, with each Italian region putting its own […]

Italian Olive Oil Guide

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In the Mediterranean, vines and olive trees have always grown side by side, making olive oil as integral to the Italian culture as wine. Olive oil is inescapable in Italian cooking; from pasta dishes to vegetables, to meat or fish, it’s hard to find a recipe that doesn’t include a drizzle of extra virgin olive […]

Italian Chocolate Guide

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Chocolate first made its way to Italy in the 16th century, soon after Spanish explorers imported the cocoa bean from the new world. Although it was first used only as a drink for the privileged, it didn’t take long for the chocolate to earn a beloved place in Italian desserts. These days, you’ll find Italian […]

Italian Cheese Guide

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Cheeses from Italy have found their place in the hearts of foodies all over the world. There are hundreds of cheeses in Italy, made virtually everywhere – from the alpine meadows of the north to the picturesque rolling hills of Tuscany to the romantic plains of Sicily. Parmigiano, Mozzarella, and Provolone only scratch the surface […]

Italian A-Z Cheese Glossary

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This short, concise list of Italian cheese terms will help you read the label and understand the taste terms, and will also assist with reading Italian menus. There are additionally some technical cheesemaking terms defined here, let us know what we can add to make the list more complete! A-Z Affumicato – smoked Amarognolo – […]

Italian A-Z Food Name Dictionary

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Get the most out of your Italian food experience with our extensive A-Z list of Italian food. We have compiled this list of Italian food words so that even non-Italian speakers can enjoy reading menus and ingredients, further enhancing your Italian food discovery. Distinguish “Cannella” (cinnamon) from “Cannellini” (white beans) and how to recognize that […]

Italian Regional Gastronomy Guide

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Italian cuisine is incredibly rich in variety, from the piquant flavors seen in the gastronomy of Naples and Calabria, the Pesto dishes of Liguria to the creamy cheese and risotto dishes of the Italian Alps. Apart from the Chinese, the Italians have got to be the people to have brought their phenomenal cuisine and wines […]

Carnival in Europe – Five Great Carnival Vacation Ideas for Wine Lovers

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Although most of us when mentioning the world carnival might instantly think of Sydney, Rio or New Orleans, Europe can still lay claim to the oldest and proudest Mardi Gras tradition. The historical importance of the religious celebrations preceding the start of Lent is marked by the diverse and colorful local festivals celebrated throughout European […]

Insiders Guide to Truffles in Italy

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Insiders Guide to Truffles in Italy- By Simona Piccinelli, Italy Specialist Truffles are a gourmet delicacy, one of the most expensive and desired in the world. Foodies swoon over them, international top chefs search them out and bid for them at auction, and truffles are without a doubt one of the priciest and most precious […]

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