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Cellar Tours are proud sponsors of an exciting new project to bring renewal energy and resource infrastructure to rural Africa.

rve SOL

Based in Portugal, RVE.SOL – Rural Energy Solutions Ltd are a social entrepreneurship for profit who have created a unique rural village energy solution called KUDURA and who are literally bringing renewable electricity, biogas and potable drinking water to rural villages for the first time ever. The first pilot project was recently launched in Sidonge, Kenya in cooperation with CABE, the Centre for African Bio-Entrepreneurship.

On a pay-for-service basis, the pilot is providing the community with clean drinking water, electricity to twelve homes and biogas for 5 families, freeing them from the daily grind of carrying water from polluted water holes (2-3km), creating enough power for low energy home lighting, charging mobile phones and powering small televisions. Biogas is a renewal source of gas for cooking derived from cattle manure.

We wish Vivian Vendeirinho and his crew all the best with this groundbreaking project, which is helping people in poor, rural areas to help themselves.

Please take five minutes, and help spread the word.”Like” their Facebook page to keep up with the latest developments of this worthy project, and have a look at their website

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  1. What a wonderful project. We will help spread the word.

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