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by Simona Piccinelli, Italy specialist

At the very last minute, last week I decided to spend a few days in Rome with my friends, to visit the amazing exhibition Bacon and Caravaggio at the Galleria Borghese , waiting for the great Caravaggio exhibition at Scuderie del Quirinale to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the great artist’s death.

Rome- in search of the best wine bars, enjoying Caravaggio on the way

Having a very full schedule with art, churches and museums, we didn’t have much time to enjoy sit-down restaurants, so we decided to follow Mario Batali’s advice “I only eat at wine bars in Rome”.

The research was “exhausting” but yielded  interesting results, so herewith- enjoy my personal list for the best wine bars in Rome:

1. Palatium – Via Frattina 94 (few steps from Via Condotti and Spanish Steps)

In spite of its location, it is not a tourist trap at all. Rather, it is the official “Enoteca Regionale del Lazio” , where you can find local (from Lazio region) high quality wines and food at good prices. You can have a glass at the bar, or sit in the adjoining room and also enjoy a light lunch.

2. Riccioli Café – Piazza delle Coppelle n° 10/a

Owned and run by Massimo Riccioli (chef of the prestigious La Rosetta restaurant), it is also an oyster and sushi bar with a beautiful terrace. More than 300 wines to choose. For take away service, don’t miss Rosticcerì.

3. Roscioli – via dei Giubbonari, 21 (close to Campo dei Fiori)

This has always been my favorite, even if always crowded. Why? Perfect location, great choice of cheeses, bread and coldcuts, as well as lovely food from the cuisine.

Best wine bars in Rome

4. Cul de Sac – Piazza Pasquino, 73 (close to Piazza Navona)

Founded in 1977, it offers more than 1500 wines, great choice of cheeses and coldcuts, tasty food from Rome (tripe, ox tail, carbonara) and other Italian regions. You can sit outdoors.

5. La Barrique – Via del Boschetto 41b (not far from the Quirinale)

Fabrizio Pagliardi will welcome you in this warm and cozy wine bar at any time of day and night, for a glass of wine or for some good food. You can take an aperitif (great choice of bubbly!), have a quick lunch, sit down for a nice dinner or come for a dessert post theatre.

6. Casa Bleve – via del Teatro Valle 48/49

Close to the Pantheon (even if the first Casa Bleve was founded in the Ghetto and it is still in via Santa Maria del Pianto 9-11), this is very elegant. The wine list is impressive and you can find whatever you would like to match with smoked fish, salads, cheese…

Best wine bars in Rome

7. Enoteca Ferrara –– Piazza Trilussa 41

In the heart of lively Trastevere, a wine bar which is more than that! Different floors for the wine bar (best Rome wine bar in 2003 by Bibenda), cafè, restaurant (2 forks by Gambero Rosso), wine shop. Ask Andrea to pour you one of the 25 wines they offer by the glass or choose one of 1000 wine bottles, you won’t be disappointed! They also have their own-designed glasses, that you can buy, if you like them.

8. Buccone – via di Ripetta 19/20

Very close to the Piazza del Popolo; at the end of the 19th century, it was Marquis Cavalcabò’s horse drawn carriages garage and then it became a “trattoria” at the end of  WWII. Since1969, it has been owned by the Buccone family. The walls are lined with wine bottles and the ambiance is informal and warm. Great array of wines and good choice of food, like roast pork from Ariccia , aubergine parmigiana, soups and salads.

9. Il Simposio di Constantini – Piazza Cavour, 16 (close to the Vatican)

Elegant place, with a restaurant and wine shop. They also organize wine tasting classes. 4000 wines on the list!!!!!!!!!

Best wine bars in Rome

10. Trimani — Via Cernaia 37B

Historic venue (they have been selling wine since 1821), great food and charming atmosphere.

11. Open Baladin – via degli Specchi, 5/6 – Rome

And what happens if after all that wine, you are craving something different? You go to Open Baladin and enjoy one of the artisanal biers on the menu 😉

Best wine bars in Rome

7 Responses to “Best Wine Bars in Rome and 400 year anniversary of Caravaggio”

  1. Kim says:

    Nice wine bars!
    I can recommend also the following site: http://www.diningcity.com/rome on which you can find the best restaurants/wine bars in Rome and you can book your table immediately online! For other cities in Italy you can also use http://www.diningcity.com/italy

    I use it everytime I go to Italy.

  2. Silvia says:

    Next time I am in Rome, I will try all of those bars on your list!! Now I get nostalgic…

  3. romehotels says:

    Thanks for the info. I will stay in Rome this summer I love to eat good Italian food 🙂

  4. Sasha says:

    I went to Enoteca Ferrara in Jan 2011, and while the wine list is great, it is quite expensive to eat/dine there so make sure you check the prices before you ask the sommelier to choose for you!
    And to end the night our card was charged 8 times! not a great experience.

    Cul de Sac is a great place, fantastic food, ambience, friendly staff and such a great wine selection, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit there and I would highly recommend it.

    Also drop into ‘Mimi e Coco Vinoteca’, ‘Enoteca Spiriti’ and ‘Vinoteca Novecento’ – all nice wine bars, ‘Vinoteca Novecento’ has a rustic charm to it, with great ambience.

  5. rome says:

    You missed Enoteca Lungaretta, a small jewel settled in a sixteenth-century building in the chaotic Trastevere area.
    Wine selection is extensive but the top choice is the “degustazione”, a tasting menu of select wines, cheeses and “crostoni”. You need to check it next time 🙂

  6. mytravelmate says:

    It seems Italy has the most exotic and luxurious wine bars,there are so many choices for tourists who are into quality wine and food like travel companions on http://www.my-travel-mate.com/, can’t wait to go to Italy and try all the bars out.

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