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Pizza Night: Wine Pairing Ideas

Posted by gen On January - 8 - 2010

It’s January, it’s cold and miserable and  you don’t feel like cooking tonight…

PIZZA night!

A pizza always hits the spot, but what to drink with it? Turn a simple Pizza night into a food and wine adventure with these fun pizza/wine pairing suggestions:

Margherita Pizza

Pizza night wine pairings

Wine Pairing: Robust red from Puglia like Neprica (Tormaresca)


Pizza Bianca (White Pizza)

Pizza and wine pairing ideas

Wine Pairing: A big, buttery, wintery white from the Priorat region, like Mas d’ en Compte


Pizza Quatro Formaggi (Four cheeses)

Pizza and wine pairings

Wine Pairing: Heavy, delicious white from Portugal’s unsung Alentejo region like Esporão Branco


Pizza with Anchovies

Pizza and wine pairings

Wine Pairing: we love anchovy pizza with whites from Campania, especially Feudi di San Gregorio’s Falanghina


Pizza Capricciosa

Pizza and wine pairing ideas

Wine Pairing: an easy going Bordeaux like Château Teyssier,  St Emilion.


Pizza Diavolo (with chili peppers/spicy salami)

Pizza and wine pairing ideas

Wine Pairing: a bright red from Italy’s beautiful  Marche region like Moroder Rosso Conero


Pizza Funghi (with mushrooms)

Pizza and wine pairings

Wine Pairing: Chianti would be perfect, something fabulous like Badia Passignano’s Riserva.


Pizza with Tonno (Tuna) and Olives

Best Wines for Pizza

Wine Pairing: It has got to be from Sicily! Planeta’s La Segreta Rosso pairs well.


Do you have any other pizza/ wine pairing ideas to share?

13 Responses to “Pizza Night: Wine Pairing Ideas”

  1. Bernard says:

    Yummy, I think I will have a Margherita Pizza with Neprica

  2. Octopus Pie says:

    These look really yummy, and oh how I love wine! Thanks for the pairing, never would have known the proper match. Will enjoy trying this. Thanks

  3. Chef Nash says:

    How I wish I have all those list of wine and have my pizza with them… 😉

  4. pt says:

    I don’t know what it is, but pairing pizza with wine is probably one of my top favorites. It’s always wonderful especially if the pizza is good, ingredients are fresh and the dough crunchy. A nice selection of wine allows the flavors to linger like a harmonious medley.
    thank you for sharing,

    You can visit me at http://ptsaldari.posterous.com

  5. Noel Chapman says:

    Great wine selection ideas! Definitely would like to give these a try when we have our next Pizza Night!

  6. Sortachef says:

    Excellent wine pairings – I’ll be happy to use them and to pass this along. Thanks!

  7. Kristen says:

    What a wonderful guide – thanks! Now I want some pizza!

  8. Simply Life says:

    Ah this is great to know!

  9. Bromography says:

    This post made me completely hungry! I want them all. 🙂

  10. Peggy says:

    Useful and interesting post!
    I tried once to pair pizza with bier like in Italy, but I do prefer wine. Most of all, I like to pair pizza with bubbles, like Prosecco or Cava.

  11. Alison says:

    Those photos are just not fair! Pizza and wine are two of my favorite things in life, great post!

  12. Joanne says:

    Oh, the pizzas look so delicious. Thanks so much for the wine pairings, all the more reason to have one of these delicious pizzas.

  13. Martica says:

    This sounds and looks soooo yummy! Makes pizza night more enjoyable with wine!

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