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Pedro Domecq Winery, Sherry - Spain

The winery of Pedro Domecq is one of the most romantic in Spain. The bodega is called "La Mezquita", the Mosque, and has gorgeous whitewashed walls and Moorish arches. This Sherry house was founded back in 1730, making it one of the oldest commercial establishments in the region. The winery produces an awesome 15 million liters of wine per year. 90% of production is exported, "La Ina" a lovely, elegant Fino, being the bread and butter of the company. Pedro Domecq became quite famous internationally not only for its classic sherries, but for Ignacio Domecq, called "The Nose" (for his almost superhuman sense of smell and tasting abilities). Don Ignacio died in 1997, and his son Beltrn Domecq is competently at the healm. The winery has come to be known for its innovation and consistent quality. They have divided their profile of wines into a "premium" range (including "La Ina" Fino) and "Rare" selection (including "Venerable" and "Sibarita"). Pedro Domecq is a fabulous destination for the wine tourist, as its cellars are so atmospheric and the wines of such a high quality.

"Sibarita is a very rare Palo Cortado, and is one of the oldest sherries produced in Jerez, with an average age of more than 60 years at bottling time. Sibarita offers intense, nutty and spicy notes, sweet, orange peel flavors and is very full and long on the palate. Intense and complex, Sibarita can be enjoyed alone, or with roasted nuts. A mere 370 cases of Sibarita are withdrawn from the solera each year."

Wines Produced

Carta Blanca Fino, 100% Palomino, Alc. 15%
La Ina Fino, 100% Palomino, Alc. 15%
Amontillado 51-10 Amontillado, 100% Palomino, Alc. 19%
Botaina Amontillado, 100% Palomino, Alc. 18%
La Raza Oloroso, 85% Palomino, 15% Pedro Ximnez, Alc. 19%
Ro Viejo Oloroso seco, 100% Palomino, Alc. 19%
Sibarita seco Palo Cortado, 98% Palomino, 2% Pedro Ximnez, Alc. 20%
Capuchino Palo Cortado, 100% Palomino, Alc. 20%
Bristol Cream Cream, sweet, 80% Palomino, 20% Pedro Ximnez, Alc. 17.5%
Venerable Dulce (Sweet), 100% Pedro Ximnez, Alc. 17%
Via 25 Dulce (Sweet), 100% Pedro Ximnez, Alc. 17%

Winery Facts & Figures

D.O.: Jerez- Xres- Sherry y Manzanilla
Founded: 1730
General manager: Angel Lebrero
Winemaker: Pedro Gonzlez Ramos
Other Wineries in same group: Harveys, Terry
Import/ Export: 10% Domestic, 90% Export
Area under Vine: 1.500 ha (1,100 ha own vineyards)
Age of Vines: 10-15 year old vines, "Vara" and "Pulgar" pruning methods
Grape Varietals: Palomino, Pedro Ximnez

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