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Italy is like no other wine producing country on the planet as the range of grape varietals is mindboggling. This diversity of grapes and wine styles, combined with such extremely diverse micro climates and the highest percentage of architectural heritage on the planet, makes Italy utterly unique and a pleasure to visit. It is a country you go back to over and over, and for wine lovers the spectrum of new wines to explore is bewitching. Italy is shaped like a long boot and stretches nearly 1200 kilometers from the alpine mountains and alluring lakes of the north to the sun baked, captivating south. Barolo, Barbaresco, Amarone, Brunello and Chianti are cherished, well known established Italian red wines; while Aglianico, Aosta, and Negroamaro are newer additions to the international wine lovers vernacular. White wine fans will love Friuli while dessert wine lovers will be enticed by the island wines off Sicily- just to name a few of Italy┬┤s wine stars. Start exploring with this map of major Italian wine regions, art cities and more....

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