French Wine and Spirits Guide

French Wine & Spirits

In this section on the wines and spirits of France, you will find useful information such as an A-Z French drinks glossary, a list of the principal (and lesser known) grape varietals used to produce French wine, and an article on the wide array of world famous, cherished liqueurs (from Absinthe to Armagnac, and Cassis to Pastis).

French A-Z Wine Dictionary / Glossary

French A-Z Wine Dictionary & Glossary
Decipher the confusing wine labels of France with this handy French/English glossary which includes the most important wine terms, along with descriptions of other alcoholic French drinks ...

French A-Z Food Dictionary

French Grape Varieties
The most famous "international" grapes such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are all French in origin. But have you heard of Petit Manseng or Merille? Enjoy our quick A-Z overview of the main grape varietals of France from Chenin Blanc to Tannat here...

French Liqueurs

French Liqueurs
France produces many classic liqueurs that are enjoyed as aperitifs and digestifs across the world, from Armagnac to Pastis. Here is an introduction to the most famous Anise flavored liqueurs, brandies and citrus based spirits...