Delicious Spanish Cocktails: A Taste of Spain’s Finest Mixology

By: James lawrence / Last updated: April 9, 2024

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In Spain, life bursts with riotous celebrations, brimming with colors and vitality. No Spanish fiesta is complete without an enticing array of beers, wines, and cocktails. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are deeply ingrained in the country’s gastronomic and cultural traditions, nurtured over centuries of grape cultivation. Throughout the year, Spain hosts numerous drink festivals, such as the Vinoble Wine exhibition in Jerez held this May and the Feria de la Manzanilla, where you can indulge in exquisite sweet sherry.

While these festivals pay homage to their historical origins, the Spanish drinking scene has witnessed a remarkable transformation in the past decade, reshaping the drinking habits of Spaniards in the 21st century. Once upon a time, friends would gather at cervecerias, bars, or specialized siderias to enjoy convivial drinks, often exclusive to men.

Today, trendy cocktail bars reign supreme in larger cities, many nestled within luxurious 5-star hotels. Spaniards have developed a refined taste for exceptional cocktails, surpassing the stereotypical tourist staple of Sangria, which has become ubiquitous in Spanish resorts. Wine, a prominent component of most Spanish cocktails, especially red wine, serves as the traditional base, infusing the drinks with vibrant color, boldness, and captivating flavors.

Whether in the latest boutique hotel in Madrid or sipping cocktails along Barcelona’s iconic Las Ramblas strip, this curated selection of Spain’s finest mixology promises to delight every palate. Prepare to embark on a sensory journey through the captivating world of Spanish cocktails.


Recommended Cocktail Recipes from Spain- Liven up your dinner parties!

1. Rebujito

Rebujito, Spanish Cocktail

Served long over ice, this is the ultimate thirst quencher and a native drink of Seville. During the Feria de Abril in Andalucia’s proud city, natives request Rebujito by the gallon – a wonderfully refreshing mix of sherry, sparkling water, and mint.

You will need the following:

250ml Fino or Manzanilla sherry (can be substituted with white wine), 250ml sparkling water or soda, four tablespoons lemon juice, four tablespoons sugar, ice cubes, mint


Pour the sherry and water into a large glass jug. Add lemon juice, sugar and mix well to dissolve the sugar, then add ice. Serve in long glasses, with a few mint leaves in each glass.

2. Agua de Valencia

Valencia’s signature cocktail has stood the test of time. It was created by Constante Gil, an artist and bar owner who founded the drink in 1959; it has since caught on as the only cocktail of choice when visiting the city’s many lively bars.

You will need the following:

250ml chilled Cava, 125ml orange juice, sugar, ice cubes, and one teaspoon Cointreau.


Mix the chilled Cava, Cointreau, and orange juice in a large glass jug. Add some sugar, stir well to dissolve it, then add ice. Serve cold in wide, classic cocktails glasses.

3. Jerez Cocktail – Coctel de Jerez

The sherry region’s favorite cocktail is perfect for a refreshing rest bite from pure sherry in the warmer months. It heralds from one of the historical noble houses in the zone, although which one has been forgotten in the annals of history!

You will need the following:

250 ml Fino Sherry, 100 ml peach brandy, and one teaspoon Cointreau.


Mix the ingredients in a mixing glass, add ice cubes, and stir to chill. Serve on the rocks in a classic tumbler.

4. The Barcelona

Inspired by Catalunya’s intensely proud capital, the Barcelona cocktail omits the local bubbly Cava for white wine – ideally produced from nearby Penedes, the region’s most prominent wine region. It’s the perfect drink for Barcelona’s numerous rooftop terrace bars.

You will need the following:

300ml chilled white wine, 100ml Gin, 50ml Grand Marnier, 50ml Elderflower syrup, one teaspoon lemon juice, one teaspoon orange juice, sprite, fresh citrus fruit slices


Place fresh fruit at the base of a large mixing jug. Add lemon and orange juice, elderflower syrupy, white wine, and other ingredients, and mix well. Add ice cubes and garnish with sliced strawberry and mint. Serve in tall glasses.

5. Sangria

Sangria, Spanish Cocktail

No guide to Spanish cocktails would be complete without the mythical Sangria, a staple of holiday hangovers since time memorial. However, this much-maligned cocktail has a more sophisticated side; the Basques, for example, infuse the mix with juniper berries and spice. Here is our favorite recipe below:

You will need the following:

400ml Spanish rose, one bottle Spanish red wine, 50ml Grand Marnier, 50ml Madeira, two tablespoons sugar, seasonal fruit, 2 cups club soda, ice cubes


Mix the wine, juice, Grand Marnier, Madeira, and sugar in a large pitcher. Cover, and leave overnight in the refrigerator. Before serving, add the club soda and ice. Serve chilled, with chopped fruit as the garnish.

6. Tinto de Verano

Tinto de Verano, Spanish Cocktail

The simplest of Spanish cocktails, Tinto de Verano’s popularity remains unchallenged and is far easier and quicker to make than Sangria—the perfect summer party cocktail.

You will need the following:

One bottle of red wine, one bottle of sprite, and lemon slices


Add the pre-chilled red wine to the sprite in a large jug. Mix well. Serve with ice and lemon slices to garnish.



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