Aconcagua Wine Regions

Aconcagua Wine Region

The region of Aconcagua is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Chile. It takes its name from Mt. Aconcagu, which happens to be in the highest mountains in South America, towering over the valley floor with its snow-capped peaks glistening in the sun. Natural beauty aside, Aconcagua includes the important sub-region of Casablanca, which contains some of Chile's premier cool climate, costal vineyards. Despite being new face in the viticultural map, (the first vineyards were planted in the mid -1980s) this has become a well-established source for some of the best white wines in the country. Chardonnay, Gew├╝rztraminer and in particular, Sauvignon Blanc are all successful here. The latter is now giving the Kiwi's some serious competition!

The Valle de Aconcagua itself is warmer and becomes increasingly hot further inland. Moving further east we encounter ideal conditions for red wine production. Some of the best sites are on well-drained slopes, quite rare in Chile. Directly south is the sub-region of San Antonio. These relatively new vineyards move ever closer to the coast, often only 3 miles away from the sea. A good mixture of crispy whites and full bodied, intense reds are produced.

Recommended Wines


  • Errazuriz,
  • Sena,
  • San Esteban,
  • Von Siebenthal

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