Profile of Jacques-Selosse Winery

Jacques-Selosse Winery, Champagne, France

A remarkable small producer, Anselme Selosse (a tremendously dynamic and charismatic figure in the wine world) releases small quantities of very impressive Champagne every year. The approach in the vineyard is biodynamic and yields are severely restricted to provide the purest, greatest intensity of fruit possible. Indeed, the focus here is squarely on attention to minute detail, resulting in massive and powerful wines that are atypical for the region, but all the better for it!

Jacques Selosse, father of Anselme, founded this small property in 1950 and quickly built a strong reputation for excellence, producing wines that were of the typical Champagne mould. His work has been continued by Anselme since 1980, when he took control of the house and vowed to take it to new heights while honouring the hard work and dedication of his father. Anselme trained in Burgundy under the stewardship of the great estates of Coche-Dury and Leflaive, which instilled in him a sense of the vital importance of terroir and viticulture. Since the 1980s he has instigated a series of radical changes at Jacques, including dramatically reducing yields and committing to chemical-free farming. He uses oak in all stages of fermentation and ageing of his wines, something that the Champagne community took a while getting used to. Certainly, he is man unafraid to challenge the established order. He is also known for decanting his champagnes, an uncommon practice.

We cannot imagine a finer introduction to the smaller, grower led segment of the region. If you are looking for something different then look no further, as these are some of the most exciting and original wines in the appellation!

Wines Produced

Initial 100% Chardonnay. A blend of wines from three vintages, aged for two years in bottle before release.
Version Originale 100% Chardonnay. A blend of wines from three vintages, aged for 42 months in bottle before release.
Millésime 100% Chardonnay. Only produced in excellent years, single vintage Champagne. Produced from top vineyards in the village of Avize.
Substance 100% Chardonnay. A blend of wines of many vintages, aged in the Sherry style Solera system. Prolonged ageing before release.
Contraste 100% Pinot Noir. A blend of wines of many vintages, aged in the Sherry style Solera system.
Exquise 100% Chardonnay. Semi sweet Champagne produced from grapes from a single vineyard.
Rose 50% Pinot Noir, 505 Chardonnay. A pink style Champagne made from blending white and red wines.

Contact Information

Jacques Selosse,
22 Rue Ernest-Valle,
51190 Avize
Tel: +33 (0) 326 57 53 56
Fax: +33 (0) 326 57 78 22

Winery Facts & Figures

AOC: Champagne
Founded: 1950
Owner: Corinne and Anselme Selosse
Winemaker: Anselme Selosse
Area under Vine: 15 hectares
Oak: French Barriques
Age of Vines: 31 years+
Grape Varietals: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier
Production: 55,000 bottles per annum

More Information:

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