Top Red Burgundies

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To the uninitiated, the hype and furore surrounding red Burgundy and its legendary vineyards must be quite mystifying. Indeed, 21st-century collectors will pay (almost) any price for rare vintages at auction – the wines of Chambertin, La Tache and Musigny often sell for crown jewel prices. The Chinese elite, in particular, has gone crazy for […]

Argentina – Top 10 Icon Wines

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The term ‘icon wine’ is ubiquitous in the fine wine trade yet difficult to precisely define – what makes a wine truly exceptional? An ensemble of different elements is required – namely outstanding terroir, winemaking and historical pedigree – bound together in perfection, in order to forge something far greater than the sum of its […]

Who’s Who in the Luxury Wine Business

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Fine wine is an extremely lucrative business and one that seems impervious to any financial storm. Over the past ten years, despite the economic uncertainties of our time, demand continues to grow for the rarest bottles, with collectors clambering over themselves to fork out astronomical sums on top vintages, their avaricious appetite for luxury wine […]

To Cork or Not To Cork: There’s Still no Closure


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Unless your tastes run only to bottles sealed by screw cap or bag-in-the-box Merlot, cork will have played a major role in your enjoyment of wine. Indeed, cork has been a defining feature of the wine industry for over 400 years; only since the opening decades of the 21st century has cork technology been seriously […]

Gourmet Gems in Sicily

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Italians famously like to boast ‘Vedi Napoli e poi muori,’ or ‘see Naples and die’. Yet such absolutism could be applied just as easily to Sicily, one of Italy’s most captivating and beautiful regions. The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is located at a crossroads and was a magnet for colonists and invaders from […]

Memorable dining in Lake Como and Garda

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The Italian lakes have long attracted discerning visitors in search of tranquility, relaxation and, of course, outstanding food & wine. Set among picturesque landscapes, Lake Como and Garda are simply long expanses of water nestled right against the mountains, with exquisite views offered as standard. For despite attracting numerous visitors in the summer months, the […]

Lisbon’s Best Roof Top Bars

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Lisbon, “the city of light” what better way to see this impressive skyline than from a rooftop bar! Lisbon is literally “booming”, more alive than ever, nearly all of the tumbling down properties have been snapped up and restored into hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants and with these some very attractive rooftop venues have emerged. […]

The best Seafood Restaurants in Basque Country and Northern Spain

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The French and Italians would undoubtedly disagree, but in our experience nowhere matches the Spanish Atlantic coastline for the quality and freshness of their seafood. Indeed, Northern Spain is a positive mecca for lovers of great fish and shellfish: spider crab, oysters, mussels, scallops and lobster, dover sole, cod, bay eel, wild sea bass, hake, […]

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