Discover Portugal's old world charms and flavors

Portuguese Wine Tours are above all, romantic. The wine lodges of Oporto and the Quintas of the Douro valley are landmarks on any fine wine lovers map. Wine Tourism has developed faster in Portugal than in Spain, as the Portuguese realized decades ago the value of this wine heritage. We offer premium luxury chauffeured Mercedes tours of the best wineries, castles, palaces and gourmet haunts in Portugal. Rather than visit the lodges on your own, we organize special VIP private tours where owners and winemakers themselves will be your host. Instead of a simple glass of wine at the end of the winery visit, we organize a full tasting of various wines, paired with regional Portuguese cheeses and cured hams. Why not discover the Portuguese wine country; be pampered, stay in deluxe historic properties, be shown the best-hidden restaurants the country has to offer and enjoy a unique food and wine experience.

  • Oporto & the Douro valley
  • Alentejo & Dao
  • Algarve

Luxury Day Wine Excursions