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Italy is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and exciting countries in the world with its rich architectural heritage, it’s bucolic vineyards, sunflower, and olive groves, and it’s extraordinary coastline punctuated by ancient Moorish fortresses and dreamy, pastel-colored Mediterranean villages spilling out over the sea. We have profiled some of our favorite villages, towns, and cities in Italy ranging from wine country hamlets like Alba and San Miniato, foodie towns like Modena, enchanting coastal spots like Capri and Portofino, and famous art cities like Siena and Venice.

  • Alba


    Alba, a picturesque town in the heart of Piedmont that's renowned for its succulent white truffles, velvety red Barolo & Barbaresco wines.

  • Assisi


    This beautiful medieval town, with its delightful narrow alleyways and streets, superb views of the Umbrian countryside and fountain-splashed piazzas.

  • Barolo


    Barolo is a town that lives for wine. Most businesses are related to wine or food. There are wine shops, wineries and restaurants with amazing wine lists.

  • Bologna


    Europe's oldest university town, light-hearted, vivacious Bologna is perhaps the most exciting city in Italy.

  • Capri


    Although only about 7,000 people actually live on Capri, visitors from the mainland hop over on ferries that leave regularly from Naples and Sorrento.

  • Cinque Terre

    Cinque Terre

    Italy's Cinque Terre (five colored villages on the Riviera) is one of the most picturesque regions on earth, with its fishing boats, fortresses & vineyards.

  • Cortona


    Fans of the film Under the Tuscan Sun will find Cortona instantly recognizable. Large parts of that great movie – based on a book by Frances Mayes - were shot in the majestic landscape that surrounds the town

  • Ferrara


    One of Italy's best-kept secrets, the small town of Ferrara is off the itinerary of most travelers, which makes discovering it all the more rewarding.

  • Florence


    Florence is one of the most picture perfect towns in the world, and interesting for wine lovers to know, has been making wine commercially since 200BC

  • Lucca


    The tentacles of Lucca’s history reach far, far back. Research has shown that this area was inhabited as many as 50,000 years ago.

  • Milan


    Italy's fashion and economic capital, mile-a-minute Milano is a thrilling, energized place that blends its industrial know-how, style & zest for life.

  • Modena


    Modena is the center of production of probably one of the most expensive condiments Balsamic Vinegar.

  • Montalcino


    One of the loveliest little wine villages in Italy, Montalcino is a fabulous place to visit during your tour of Tuscany’s vineyards.

  • Orvieto


    Orvieto is a 'must see', with its spendid Gothic Duomo, Etruscans ruins dating back over 3000 years and a labyrinth of tunnels, caves, galleries.

  • Palermo


    Palermo is a fascinating place for food and wine lovers to visit while on tour in Sicily, with its close vicinity to many of the island's famous wineries.

  • Parma


    Parma, loved by gourmands as the birthplace of Prosciutto & Parmigiano, this ancient city in the northern Emilia-Romagna has a rich culinary tradition.

  • Perugia


    The largest city in beautiful Umbria, vibrant Perugia is a delight for both gourmet tourists and culture vultures.

  • Pienza


    Stitched from vine-covered rolling hills, medieval abbeys, and gorgeous wine villages, the Val d'Orcia is one of Tuscany's most beautiful road trips.

  • Pisa


    Globally famous for its iconic tower, there is far more to this cultural capital than the endlessly photographed Leaning Tower of Pisa.

  • Portofino


    Portofino is located in the region of Liguria (the Italian Riviera) on the Mediterranean coast and in the Gulf of Genoa.

  • Rome


    According to the legend of Romulus and Remus were abandoned on the banks of the River Tiber & then raised by a She-wolf established the city of Rome.

  • San Gimignano

    San Gimignano

    San Gimignano is located deep in the heart of Tuscany, is famous for its medieval watchtowers and has acquired the nickname medieval Manhattan

  • San Miniato

    San Miniato

    San Miniato is one of Tuscany's loveliest medieval hill towns and is well loved by gourmets for its white truffles.

  • Siena


    Siena is one of Italy’s most captivating cities, with its concentration of medieval and gothic architecture and charming small town appeal.

  • Treviso


    A peaceful and idyllic town full of romantic canals that is all too often overlooked beside its more glamorous neighbor, Venice.

  • Trieste


    A diverse, energetic port city sitting on the Italian-Slovenian border, Trieste is at once deeply Italian and enticingly international.

  • Turin


    Turin is a dynamic, exciting city with royal palaces, bustling piazzas and world-class museums in the northwestern corner of Italy.

  • Venice


    The mere mention of Venice conjures an air of romance. With its iconic canals, delectable food & wine, and fascinating mix of architecture, art and history.

  • Verona


    One of Italy's most elegant towns, Verona is famous for wine lovers (Vin Italy is hosted here) history buffs and opera lovers.

  • Volterra


    Situated southwest of Florence and set amidst idyllic scenery, Volterra is a very special town. Since Etruscan times the people of Volterra have been famous for producing unique and wonderful carvings from the plentiful alabaster that flows from nearby quarries

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