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Italy’s myriad wine regions offer a challenge and deep satisfaction to wine lovers. The diversity of landscapes and grape varieties is out of this world, and as a result, Italy produces the most extensive range of wine styles in Europe. Wine tasting in situ is the ultimate way to learn about wines, and there are few places more alluring than Italy! Discover gourmet Michelin-starred restaurants and Alpine wines in Trento. Taste white truffles with your Barolo in Langhe; visit medieval hamlets during your wine tour of fairy tale Chianti; let the turquoise sea and Greek ruins of Taormina enchant you while tasting the volcanic wines of Mount Etna; sail down the Grand Canal of Venice on a gondola while sipping on Prosecco.

Northern Italy

Northern Italy is a “must” for true wine lovers as it encompasses some of Italy’s best and undoubtedly most famous wine regions. Piedmont, where you can enjoy VIP wine tastings at premium small Barolo and Barbaresco estates. Northern Italy includes the countries two sparkling wine regions, Franciacorta; this picturesque wine region is a relative secret, virtually untouched by non-Italian tourists. Its famed bubbly is considered to be on a par with the finest champagnes. At the same time, Prosecco is the land of Palladian villas and gently rolling hills covered in vines and noble manors. The darling village of Conegliano is full of 15th to 18th-century palaces, many of them with Venetian Gothic façades. Surrounding vineyards, mainly of the Prosecco grape, are used to make the notorious Italian bubbly! Valpolicella shouldn’t be missed; it’s one of Italy’s loveliest wine regions and home to the famed Amarone wines. It is located just northwest of the historic city of Verona and east of Lake Garda. And let’s not forget the “Super Whites” of Friuli, stunning wines in the most splendid countryside, with uplifting landscapes of vineyards, medieval villages, and rolling green hills.

  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia Wine Region

    Friuli Venezia Giulia is one of the most unique and fabulous wine regions in Italy. It's home to a myriad of small, high quality family-run vineyards.

  • Lombardy Wine Region

    Lombardy, located in northwestern Italy, is home to many important wine regions including Valtellina, Franciacorta, Lugana and Garda, and Oltrepò Pavese.

    • Franciacorta Wine Region

      Franciacorta is a relatively small region encompassing only 18,000 hectares, with the actual vineyard areas being 1,500 hectares.

    • Valtellina Wine Region

      Valtellina wine region offers spectacular alpine scenery and intense, aromatic red wines made with the local Chiavennasca grape.

  • Piedmont Wine Region

    Piedmont Wine region, particularly in the Langhe sub region, is the land of castles, vineyards and romantic hills shrouded in mist.

    • Barbaresco Wine Region

      Wines produced in the Barbaresco Wine Region are entirely from Nebbiolo grapes and presents an intense and brilliant color ranging from ruby to garnet red.

    • Barolo Wine Region

      Barolo wine region is surely Burgundy's Italian sibling. No other region sparks such debate surrounding the topic of terroir

  • Veneto Wine Region

    The Veneto has many beautiful hamlets and some of the most picturesque towns in the Northen part of Italy, and is home to top wines including Amarone.

    • Prosecco Wine Region

      Prosecco is a vineyard covered region famed for its bubbly about one hour and a half north of Venice.

    • Valpolicella Wine Region

      Valpolicella wine region is one of the most prestigious wine making areas in the Veneto and is home of the wonderfully unique Amarone wine.

Central Italy

Tuscany is high on the list of desired destinations of many, traveling from Florence in the direction of beautiful Siena; you pass through Chianti Classico’s scenic wine country, quintessential Tuscany. From Siena, you can visit Montalcino and Montepulciano (top Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano producers). The stunning Maremma region is where the “Super Tuscans” were born.  And sandwiched between Tuscany and Marche, Umbria is world-famous for its wines and its chocolates and truffles. Apart from all that Umbria offers culturally and gastronomically, the region is still a relative secret, unspoiled and pristine, and doesn’t receive the tourist hordes. A hidden gem in Italy!

  • Marche Wine Region

    Marche is one of Italy's hidden gems, with excellent wines and wonderful local dishes it is a must for the savvy gourmet traveler.

  • Tuscany Wine Regions

    Tuscany is a much larger region than many people realize and it encompasses many different wine regions and climate types.

    • Chianti Classico Wine Region

      Perhaps one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world, Chianti Classico Wine Region is an area that has miles of hill topped medieval villages.

    • Maremma Wine Region

      Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Tignanello; these mythical wines are known as 'Super Tuscans' and they come from the beautiful coastal Maremma region.

  • Umbria Wine Region

    A land of lush rolling hills, ancient medieval villages, delectable wines and sumptuous cuisine, unforgettable Umbria is an ideal destination for gourmands.

Southern Italy

Southern Italy is a tourist magnet, especially Campania, with its fascinating capital, Naples, and nearby Pompeii. Interestingly, however, the region isn’t mainly well known for its wines, although the fertile volcanic soils have been appreciated since ancient times. Rightly so, some fantastic wines are being produced from ancient Greek varietals. The captivating island of Sicily, however, is very much on the map. It produces an extensive range of styles of wine, which accompany the divine local cuisine superbly.

  • Campania Wine Region

    The region of Campania is firmly on the tourist’s map, but curiously not on the wine lover’s map. Yet, Campania is a fascinating wine region.

  • Puglia Wine Region

    Puglia is “the heel” of the boot of peninsular Italy. It is bordered by both the Adriatic & Ionian Seas, giving it one of the longest coastlines of Italy.

  • Sicily Wine Region

    The wine styles of Sicily are varied. Rustic, local wines are often surprisingly good and accompany the local flavors of pistachios, capers, almonds...

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