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Our 2013 compilation of Christmas gift ideas for gourmets

By Simona Piccinelli, Italy Tour Specialist

It’s that time of the year again, we are a few weeks away from Christmas and still need to find the perfect present for our loved ones, family, neighbours and friends. Yes, for our New Year resolutions, among others, we promised  ourselves that we would have bought gifts throughout the year or handmade them well in advance, but we are all human and in February we usually forgot about  98% of the intentions we had, until Dec 31 comes once again. So here we are again … before starting to panic, have a look at our suggestions for useful, unconventional gifts for wine and food lovers. And if you are sick of getting the umpteenth pan or corkscrew, you could accidentally leave this page open on your laptop located where everybody in the family can see it, post it on your facebook page or forward the link to your best friend 😉



For the neighbour who built a pizza oven in the backyard and is always looking for the latest pizza gear, this  book  written by pizza wizard Bonci is a must!


If your uncle loves to fish and your auntie doesn’t know where to store all  the salmon and trout, the perfect gift for them is a home smoker with a selection of different woods chips, creating a taste of an authentic Irish smokehouse….



After he tasted the Barolo Massolino  you served last year, your cousin felt in love with wine, subscribed to a wine club and organizes monthly wine tasting dinners at his place, so a set of Riedel glasses and a classic like Hugh Johnson’s  Atlas of Wine is a surefire hit.




For your brother who loves hiking in the woods with his dog on Sunday mornings, a professional truffle slicer, with the warmest wish to find some truffles soon (and share it with the family!). Add a  jar of natural black truffles and some truffle tips -why not print out our insider’s guide to truffles– to help him fetch some beauties.



For your fashionista sister,  a fabulous cooking apron made by one of the most famous fashion designers and artists would be a winner.

For your fashionista sister,  a fabulous cooking apron made by one of the most famous fashion designers and artists would be a winner.



For your brother in law, who looks only for exclusive and one of a kind items, one of the 3 rare examples of l’ Origine Grey Goose vodka magnum kept in an artistic sculpture.




For your niece, who recently fell in love with French literature and macarons, an amazing food dictionary by the one and only Alexandre Dumas



For your nephew who finally turned 21, a bottle of 1992 vintage Bas Armagnac, so he  will learn  that drinking is something serious to be appreciated and savored slowly.


For your partner, who is a zombie and grumbles until the second coffee of the morning, the latest  espresso maker on the market by Illy, produced in cooperation with a Swiss mechanical engineering company.


For your friend who used to dine out weekly at French restaurants before becoming a parent, and whose baby is close to the important weaning time, a precious recipe book by Alain Ducasse,  to blend the old passion with the new life.



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