The alluring island of Sardinia is breathtakingly beautiful and the perfect place to enjoy the dolce vita! This private food and wine tour is unforgettable and perfect for celebrating a special occasion.

Sardinia is the ultimate luxury destination in Italy, offering spectacular coastline, pristine countryside, fascinating history, and fantastic food and wine. The island is essentially the Bora Bora of Europe with its white-sand beaches, mesmerizing, turquoise, crystal clear waters, pink flamingos, and beautiful, rugged rock formations. Scented with rosemary, myrtle, and juniper, Sardinia (Sardegna, in Italian) is the second biggest in the Mediterranean, after Sicily. There are 2,000 kilometers of beaches and coastline, and the contrasts here are extraordinary. In the Costa Smeralda, in the northeast, you will find a glitzy jet set of celebrities, athletes and models, ultra-luxury villas, and outrageous billionaire yachts. Yet only a short drive into the interior of the island, you will find shepherds and their sheep, artisan cheesemakers (making prized Pecorino), and authentic, timeless villages.

Thanks to Sardinia’s rich Bronze Age and its history of invasions and settlers, being located at a crossroads of maritime trade routes (Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Pisans and Genovese, Aragonese and Catalan, Austrians and finally “Italians” when Italy was unified), there is the most marvelous, generous sprinkling of beautiful architecture throughout the island. The heritage is astounding, and much of it Unesco protected. There are 2,000 Neolithic fairy houses (mysterious tombs), 7,000 Nuraghe (megalithic monuments), Romanesque churches, Spanish castles and watchtowers, ancient dolmens, and one of the finest surviving Roman amphitheaters in Italy.

Wine lovers will discover a treasure trove of exciting grape varietals and wine styles here. The most famous noble red grape is Cannonau, called Grenache in France and Garnacha in Spain. It was initially believed that the grape had been brought from Aragon, Spain to Sardinia in the 14th century when they conquered the island. However, research now suggests the grape may be Sardinian in origin. Vermentino is the most traditional white varietal grown, and you can taste terrific, rich, and perfumed examples of this usually zippy grape in the Vermentino di Gallura DOCG appellation. Malvasia di Bosa passito is a nectar-like dessert wine made with dried Malvasia di Sardegna grapes, perfect with almonds and cheese. On this intriguing itinerary, you will taste all three of these wines and many more!

Your journey begins in the west of the island in Alghero and concludes in the east in Olbia. Over an exceptional, memorable week, you will visit an array of specially selected wine cellars, enjoying private VIP tours and tastings of premium wines. Incredibly special meals will be organized for you, including private wine estate lunches, right in the vines; a sunset dinner on a private yacht; a homey grandma’s style garden kitchen; and a farewell dinner in one of the most chic and atmospheric coastal lounge restaurants overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Apart from wining and dining, you’ll enjoy evocative scenery, charming small towns, and even a few fascinating archaeological wonders. You will be based in two lovely accommodations- a private, country suite on a wine estate and a private villa on a luxury resort complex, with your private pool and sea views. This trip offers a balance of sightseeing, intimate food and wine experiences, relaxation and luxury and is a wonderful idea for a special milestone. Get in touch for more information and customization!

Sardinia Wine Tours Highlights:

  • Exclusive, Private Luxury Winery Tours and premium tastings
  • Private sailing excursions on Costa Smeralda and Asinara nature reserve
  • Private cooking experience
  • Private Villas and Countryside suites
  • Professional, friendly English speaking Chauffeurs & Mercedes
  • Visit delightful villages Bosa, Castelsardo, Luogosanto, San Pantaleo, & Porto Cervo

Below is a suggested Itinerary for your private Sardinia Wine Tours

  1. Alghero airport - Alghero - Asinara Marine Reserve - Alghero countryside

    Welcome to Sardinia! Wine Masterclass & Sunset Boat Dinner

    Sardinia's famous crystalline waters
    • Wine Estate Suite
    • Wine and Food pairing lunch, dinner on a private boat
    • Private Chauffeured Mercedes

    Your private chauffeur and luxury Mercedes will be waiting for you at Alghero airport, ready to sweep you away on this wine adventure! You will head straight away to your base for the next few nights, a wine estate with private suites. Freshen up, relax in the aromatherapy bath, and enjoy some free time to unpack, etc. At lunchtime, your private sommelier will arrive, and you have a Sardinian wine masterclass to look forward to, set in a shady and airy spot overlooking the vines. Your local wine expert will take you through the most important wine appellations like Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, Carignano del Sulcis DOC, Girò di Cagliari DOC, IGP Isola dei Nuraghi, IGP Romangia, Malvasia di Bosa DOC, Moscato di Sardegna DOC, Nasco di Cagliari DOC, Nuragus di Cagliari DOC, Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, and Vernaccia di Oristano DOC- to name a few! Taste a range of excellent wines in this pleasant setting. Food pairings of local Sardinian specialties will be prepared for you, such as octopus salad, Malloreddus pasta with sausage, fennel and fresh tomato ragu, and lamb with artichokes, rosemary, and myrtle. With your delicious dessert wines, try fresh “caprino” goat’s cheese, Pecorino Sardo, and Miele di agrumi della Sardegna (local orange blossom and bergamot honey), all served with “Pane Carasau” (a traditional flatbread eaten by shepherds since ancient times). It’s also called music sheet bread as it is so thin.

    You might need a siesta after lunch, so enjoy some free time to relax for a few hours. In the late afternoon, your chauffeur will transfer you to Stintino, about a half-hour drive. You will embark on a magical private boat cruise of the astounding paradise of the Asinara island marine reserve. Sip wine as you explore inlets, romantic coves, and peaceful bays. A light dinner of spaghetti and lobster with salads and antipasti will be served on-board as you watch the sunset. What a start to your vacation! Your driver will take you back to the wine estate after your boat captain drops you back. Welcome to Sardinia!

  2. Alghero countryside - Alghero- Bosa - Alghero countryside

    Wine Tasting Sella e Mosca, Alghero & Malvasia di Bosa

    Your Wine Estate Inn
    • Wine Estate Suite
    • Full Breakfast, Food & Wine tastings at lunch, private winery tastings with snacks
    • Private Chauffeured Mercedes

    This morning you will taste wine onsite at the historic Sella e Mosca winery, Sardinia’s most famous and prestigious wine estate. Founded in the late 1800s by an engineer and lawyer from Piedmont (Erminio Sella and Edgardo Mosca), the original purpose of the estate was to create a rootstock nursery for baby vines to send to mainland Italy. This was during the time that phylloxera was devastating vineyards throughout Europe. The estate underwent a massive rock excavation in the early 1900s to transform the land into vineyards and building the winery itself, houses for the workers, a school for the workers’ children, and even a tiny church. A nature reserve was also carved out to save local flora. Fun fact: Mr. Sella and Mr. Mosca were amateur Egyptologists. The world’s oldest Egyptian museum is indeed in Turin, Piedmont (where they hailed from), founded in the early 1800s and only second to Cairo in importance. The logo of this winery illustrates ancient Egyptians pressing grapes and is a replica of a painting found in the Mereruka tomb in Saqqara. History aside, you have a wonderful private visit in store! Complete the experience naturally with a tasting, and try their flagship wines made with Vermentino, Torbato, and Cannonau, as well as their 100% Cabernet Sauvignon “Marchese di Villamarina” (93 points Wine Advocate).

    After a relaxing morning of wines, enjoying the lush, landscaped gardens overflowing with oleander flowers, and seeing the historic cellars, switch gears to walk and sightseeing. You will visit the quaint, historic harbor town of Alghero on the Coral Coast. Its medieval center is reminiscent of Spain thanks to the Catalan-Aragonian invasion and domination for 400 years. The locals still speak a form of Catalan called ‘Algherese.’ The town is nicknamed “Barceloneta” (little Barcelona). With your private guide, you will explore the ancient, golden defense walls, seven towers, forts, colorful market, and picturesque port. It is so charming, it feels like a movie set! During the walking tour, your guide will make several stops to taste local wines and dishes, such as at the adorable SardOa Aperitivo diVino wine bar. Before leaving Alghero, your driver will give you free time for shopping if you like. Red coral jewelry is traditional in this area, found in nearby underwater caves since Ancient Roman times (they called it “Blood of Medusa”).

    We have two more treats for you today- more wine tasting and the darling village of Bosa. The drive there is reminiscent of Northern California with panoramic views of the sparkling sea on one side and the mountains on the other side. Delicious wine awaits you at Azienda vitivinicola Emidio Oggianu. Your host will be giving you a private tour of their impressive vineyard, Vigna Badde Nuraghe, where they exclusively grow Malvasia di Bosa. This grape produces tasty golden-yellow wines that can be dry, sparkling or sweet in style. All of the styles have incredible bouquets of candied citrus, a touch of spice, and Mediterranean herbs. Taste their best wines outside overlooking the scenic, rolling vine-covered hills. Then carry on to Bosa, one of Sardinia’s most beautiful villages. You will have some free time to stroll along the riverbank and narrow lane-ways, admiring the pastel-colored houses and medieval archways leading up the hill towards Malaspina castle. If timing and weather permits, your driver can take you to the nearby Bosa marina and fabulous beach to dip your toes, even go for a swim. Then head back to your wine estate and free evening. You can chillax with some wine and cheese onsite or dine out in Alghero, with the driver at disposal.

  3. Alghero countryside - Sennori - Castelsardo - Alghero countryside

    Romangia Wines in Sennori and Quaint Castelsardo

    sardinia - sardinia-cantina-sorres
    Cantina Sorres
    • Wine Estate Suite
    • Full Breakfast, Wine tastings with snacks, Vineyard Lunch, Seafood dinner with wines
    • Private Chauffeured Mercedes

    This morning you will be exploring the historic northwest of Sardinia in the lush, fertile Romangia appellation, tasting native grapes such as Moscato Bianco, Monica (a red varietal), and of course Cannonau and Vermentino. This region has been known for wine production for over 3,000 years, which you can see testament of in the Neolithic terracotta wine jugs discovered and displayed in the Museo Sanna (local, incredible archaeological museum). You have a genuinely great day ahead. Your first stop is at Cantina Sorres in the Sennori area, a little gem. This family-run estate is passionate about ecology, balance, and respect for nature, and they also happen to make some of the best cult wines on the island. You will visit their beautiful estate and sit down to a joyous tasting of their wines, served with gourmet goodies in the vineyard. This is so special and fun, an “aperitivo in vigna”! Next up is your second premium property, Tenute Dettori, mythical natural wine growers. They call themselves “artisans of the earth,” which sums up their philosophy. Their wines are terrific! You will explore the vineyards on a private tour and then sit down to an utterly atmospheric lunch with estate wine bottlings at their organic farm restaurant. Your table is in a private space, under a romantic canopy, al fresco, and facing the vineyards and mountains. Lunch will be unhurried and simply dreamy.

    After a morning of excellent food, wine, and scenery, head to the pretty, hill-topped village of Castelsardo. You will have some free time for a digestive walk, shopping, etc. On the way back to your wine estate this afternoon, stop for a photo-op at the Roccia dell’ Elefante. This natural rock formation does look like an elephant! It has had mystical connotations for millennia and houses two neolithic tombs, called “Domus de Janas” or “Fairy houses.” You will have free time to freshen up and relax before dinner this evening. Your driver will pick you up and transfer you to the heart of Alghero’s old town to Ristorante Al Tuguri, one of our faves. This cozy spot in an ancient house run by chef-owner Benito Carbonella is famous for its upmarket, ridiculously fabulous fishermen’s menu. Depending on the time of year and catch of the day, it might include sea bass, red mullet, lobster, skate, tuna, scampi, and/or their famous smoked barracuda! Your driver will take you back to the wine estate after a topnotch dinner.

  4. Alghero countryside - Perfugas - Tempio Pausania - Luogosanto - Cannigione

    Vermentino di Gallura Wines, Luras, Luogosanto, Emerald Coast

    Lunch today is in a lush garden
    • Villa Suite with private pool, a luxury seafront resort
    • Full Breakfast, Charming Garden Lunch with wine pairings, Wine Tastings
    • Private Chauffeured Mercedes, Traditional lunch with wines

    You will drive northeast to the dazzling Costa Smeralda today, making nice stops in the wine country. Learn all about Sardinia’s most famous and prestigious white wine this morning- Vermentino di Gallura DOCG (the highest quality rank in the Italian wine appellation system). Your first visit will be at Deperu Holler, run by husband and wife team Carlo Deperu and Tatiana Holler. This young, cosmopolitan couple left buzzing Milan (and her native Brazil) to go back to Sardinia’s homeland and dedicate their lives to their true calling- wine. They make super classy wines, including some of the most renowned white wines on the island, in a stunning setting. Their minerally Vermentino grapes grow happily on undulating hills under Monte Ruiu, alongside Lake Coghinas. The property is only a few miles from the sea, and the microclimate here is perfect for this grape varietal to thrive. Enjoy a private tour of the vines and an outdoor tasting with commanding views of their four wines- Vermentino, of course, also Isola dei Nuraghi IGT blends of Muristellu (Bovale Sardo) and a savory Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Lunch is next in an idyllic, verdant setting at L’Agnata di De André. The flagship dish at this hidden garden restaurant is Zuppa Gallurese, a must for cheese lovers. Not a soup at all despite the name, this is melted cheese and crispy bread (again, the traditional Pane Carasau) “lasagna.” It might very well be the best thing you taste on this trip, despite its simplicity. After a four-course, authentic Galluran meal with wine pairings, of course, take a slight detour to Luras. Stretch your legs and get some fresh air after your feast while exploring the wondrous dolmens of Luras. There are four dolmens in and around this little town, which served as burial monuments in neolithic times. There is something is so enchanting about these sites, which feel primordial.

    After a short, interesting visit, hit the Vermentino wine roads for your next wine estate- Siddùra. This prestigious property is slick, chic, and a fun contrast to the previous estate today. They initially made their name with their stylish Vermentino whites like Maìa (which means “magic” in local Gallura dialect). Still, their Cannonau Riserva and their Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese blend reds are noteworthy and highly awarded. You will get to taste their best wines on a private tour of the cellar and sweeping vineyards. Before driving to your last port of call today, your seaside resort, make one last stop at Luogosanto. This serene, medieval village only 5 kilometers from the winery is well worth a stroll around for photo opportunities and gourmet shopping. Your final destination is a half-hour drive, and you might want to jump straight into your private pool on arrival! The evening is yours to dine on site (there are various restaurant options in the resort, including a traditional farmhouse villa and a poolside Mediterranean eatery facing the Cannigione Bay) or dine out on the beach.

  5. Cannigione - Sailing La Maddalena Archipelago - Cannigione

    Luxury Yacht Cruise Maddalena Archipelago, Candlelit Private Seaside Dinner

    Your Private Romantic Dinner
    Your Private Romantic Dinner
    • Villa Suite with private pool, luxury seafront resort
    • Full Breakfast, Private Lunch on Yacht with wines, Private Dinner with wines
    • Private Chauffeured Mercedes

    Today will be a highlight of the trip and is luxurious and pampering. With your skipper and hostess looking after you on your private yacht, you will spend a glorious day sailing around the island of La Maddalena and seeing some of the most beautiful scenery on the Costa Smeralda. Board your boat in Cannigione’s little harbor and feel like a 1950’s movie star! Your captain will take you to Budelli Island (one of the breathtaking islands of the Maddalena archipelago) this morning, via Spiaggia Rosa, the famous pink beach of Sardinia. The sand is pink thanks to the pink coral fragments, and as it is a protected nature reserve, you can admire it from your boat. You will drop anchor in the mid-morning in an aquamarine paradise cove, where you can snorkel and swim in the crystal clear water while your delicious lunch is prepared on the boat. After a light, elegant lunch, continue sailing towards the island of La Maddalena, seeing the Cala Corsara rock formations and Spargi island en route.

    You will have free time in the darling, pastel-colored village on La Maddalena to hit the art galleries and artisan shops, have a romantic glass of wine overlooking the sparkling water, grab a caffè, etc. Then in the early evening, sail back to Cannigione, and transfer back to your luxurious resort. After free time to relax and freshen up, get ready for a treat. Dinner tonight is going to be thoroughly amazing! On a private, candlelit deck right over the sea, you will have an unforgettable experience tonight. You will be served a luxurious dinner, by your own personal waiter, accompanied discreetly by live music at intervals. If you are celebrating a special occasion or anniversary, tonight is the night to make that special toast!

  6. Cannigione - Lu Pireddu - San Pantaleo – Arzachena - Cannigione

    Gallura Cuisine, Wine and Archeology

    Private Sardinian Cooking Class
    • Villa Suite with private pool, luxury seafront resort
    • Full Breakfast, Cooking Class Lunch with wines
    • Private Chauffeured Mercedes

    Meet your driver this morning and enjoy a short fifteen-minute picture postcard drive to a traditional stone villa farmhouse in the leafy countryside. You have an entertaining private, hands-on cooking class today in the most pleasant setting. While you sip wine (or coffee), learn how to make local recipes like “Pardulas” (also called “Casadinas”), which are sheep’s milk ricotta cheese pastries made with saffron and citrus peel. The organic farm produces all its fruit, veg, olive oil, and wines. They even raise Limousin cattle and free-range pigs, and everything you taste will be tantalizingly fresh. After sitting down to a relaxed lunch of your creations, head to the nearby San Pantaleo village. This blissful little hamlet feels very bohemian and attracts artists, writers, and creatives. You will have free time for a wander around the “Piazzetta” with its sweet little shops and frequent markets. This afternoon then, will be dedicated to the last of your wine tasting tours on this vacation.

    Vigne Surrau is your first estate, a luxurious “Napa Valley-style” design winery. They make a wide range of excellent wines using Cannonau, Carignano, Muristellu, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Vermentino. After a private tour, sit in a demure corner of the estate to taste several wines like their luscious Sciala (Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Superior) and their rich Sincaru (Cannonau di Sardegna). The Capichera estate is your last winery experience. They are credited with helping the revival of the Vermentino grape and bringing it to the international wine world’s attention. Their fine wines are bottled with simple and non-showy labels, and they let the wines speak for themselves without any sleek marketing. This is one of the most influential wineries on the island and an excellent bookend for your Sardinian wine experience. You will tour the estate, as always on a private basis, and taste a few of their best bottles. On the way back to your resort, you have a fascinating, late afternoon (short) visit in-store at the Arzachena archaeological area. You will visit the three main sites with a private expert guide- Albucciu Nuraghe, Tomba di Giganti Coddu Vecchju, and Li Muri Necropolis. Your guide will immensely enrich your understanding of these unique structures, and this is well worth the stop. The evening then is yours on the glamorous Emerald Coast!

  7. Cannigione - Costa Smeralda Touring - Porto Cervo - Cannigione

    James Bond's Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo & Magical Farewell Dinner

    Porto Cervo
    • Villa Suite with private pool, luxury seafront resort
    • Full Breakfast, Farewell Luxury Dinner with wines
    • Private Chauffeured Mercedes

    Follow the tracks of Roger Moore’s 007 this morning, on a panoramic, driving tour of the spectacular coastline featured in “The Spy Who Loved Me.” Your chauffeur will make various stops for you for photos and visits, such as at Liscia Ruja beach between Portisco and Cala di Volpe (“Foxes Cove,” where the movie was filmed);  the stunning white sand bay of Cala Battistoni; magnificent Golfo Aranci (literally the “orange gulf” but actually meaning “Gulf of the crabs” after the Sardinian “Gulfu di Ranci”); the Figari Cape (where Italian electrical engineer and inventor Guglielmo Marconi carried out radio experiments in the 1930s); and the delightful harbor at Porto Rotondo. The destination by late morning is Porto Cervo, international VIP central! This is the epicenter for the jetsetter crowd and also quite fun and amusing for regular folks who like to people watch and admire the blingy three-story yachts. The narrow streets lined with Moorish arches and designer shops wind their way around darling piazzas and work their way up to the surreal yet beautiful church of Stella Maris. This unusual church looks over the opulent marina and is a “must” to visit. You will have free time in Porto Cervo with our suggestions for sightseeing, shopping, and lunch.

    Your driver will pick you up and transfer you back to the resort at your preferred time and the afternoon is yours at leisure to enjoy the best of this area. You might like to hit one of the shockingly gorgeous beaches this afternoon, or play golf at Pevero (one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world), or just chillax in your private garden at the resort. There are also some of the best spas in Italy nearby. To end your trip on a high note, a magical dinner will be organized for you tonight at Phi beach, an iconic location on the Emerald Coast. It’s an open-air lounge bar, club, and elegant restaurant. You will have a prestige table on the deck with direct views over the enchanting bay with its bobbing boats and the Napoleonic fortress of Forte Cappellini. Indulge in some heady bubbly at sunset, followed by your farewell dinner. They do great grilled steaks as well as classic Mediterranean seafood. The setting is truly one and only!

  8. Cannigione - Olbia airport

    Arrivederci! Depart Olbia airport

    Buon Viaggio!
    Buon Viaggio!
    • Full Breakfast
    • None
    • Private Chauffeured Mercedes

    The morning is at leisure for your last bit beach time and, at your preferred time, depart for Olbia airport for your outbound flight. We hope you have had an exciting time on this food and wine journey in Sardinia, and go back home with precious memories to last a lifetime!

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