Spanish Cuisine: A Guide to the Best Traditional Foods of Spain

Spanish Cuisine Guide Traditional Spanish food is uncomplicated, flavorful, and based on the freshest regional ingredients made available by Spain’s diverse geography. The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea surround most of the country, and Spain shares its eastern border with France. While mountains and valleys sprawl across the country’s vast and varied interior landscape. […]

Castilla y León: The Best Castilian-Leonese Dishes & Wines to Match

Castilla y León is one of Spain’s most diverse destinations. The Cantabrian Mountains border the landlocked region to the north and Portugal to the west. Galicia, Rioja, and other Spanish regions surround Castilla y León, too. Geographically, the region is prime real estate for agriculture, as it’s mostly an undulating plateau with fertile soils. Yet […]

Andalusian Cuisine: Fresh Produce, A Bounty of Seafood & Sherry from Jerez

Andalusia is a vibrant Spanish region encompassing the southern coast of Spain. Both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea uniquely influence the region. Its vicinity to these waterways and position on the gateway to the Mediterranean historically meant numerous civilizations left their mark on Andalusia. For example, the Romans imparted their wisdom in cultivating […]

Catalan Cuisine from Tapas in Barcelona to Seafood in Costa Brava

Catalonia lies in the northeastern corner of Spain hugging the Pyrenees and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. This historic autonomous community, known as Cataluña in Spanish and Catalunya in Catalan, is one of Spain’s most prosperous regions. Each year, millions of travelers flock to Catalonia annually to experience Catalan culture, dynamic cuisine, and unique customs. […]

Galician Cuisine: Seafood & Land-Based Dishes to Pair with Galician Wines

The Spanish region of Galicia is a bucket list destination for foodies, wine enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurists alike. Galicia encompasses the northwestern corner of Spain with the Atlantic to the west, the Cantabrian Sea to the north, Portugal to the south, and the Spanish regions of Castile-León and Asturias to the east. The world-famous Camino […]

The Cuisine of La Rioja: One of Spain’s Best Wine Producing Regions

La Rioja Food Guide La Rioja is one of Spain’s most esteemed wine regions famous for velvety, robust red wines made predominantly with Tempranillo. The region has captivated the palates of collectors, aficionados, and newly-initiated wine enthusiasts for decades. Typically, exceptional cuisine abounds where outstanding wines are made, and the La Rioja region is no […]

Spain’s Red Wine Miracle

Introduction to the Red Wines of Spain Spain’s viticultural landscape is anchored in both tradition and modernity. Vines have been cultivated since Roman times, and the nation has more vineyards than any global wine producer. As a result, cold winters and hot summers can easily ripen a broad palate of red varieties, often cultivated according […]

Monastrell: Spain’s hidden gold

Over the past 15 years, Spain has been re-evaluating its viticultural priorities. At the turn of the Millennium, the Iberian Peninsula was overwhelmingly associated with one red grape variety: Tempranillo. Easy to love and capable of producing structured and silky wine, Tempranillo is still responsible for a large percentage of Spain’s premium wine exports. Moreover, […]

Garnacha: Spain’s most fashionable grape

“Garnacha is possibly Spain’s greatest red grape variety. Like Pinot Noir, it acts as a powerful conduit between the terroir and the winery. There is no other grape in Spain that transmits the characteristics of a particular site with such clarity and precision.” Ferran Centelles’ eulogy to the world’s most misunderstood grape variety could scarcely […]

The Best Paradores for Food and Wine Lovers

Spain’s Top Gourmet Paradores The “Paradores de Turismo de España” brand was founded in the early 20th century by Spanish King Alfonso XIII to save historical patrimony and promote tourism simultaneously. Castles, fortresses, manor homes, palaces, convents, monasteries, and other historic buildings were converted into hotels and state-run under the Parador brand. The very first […]

Spain’s Famous Noble Tempranillo Grape

What is Tempranillo wine? Great terroir may influence a regional wine style’s nuances, but it is the raw materials that enable the magic to happen. Fortunately, Spain has both. The Iberian Peninsula boasts some of the most varied and complex terroir in Europe, supported by an eclectic palate of internationally renowned grape varieties. The most […]

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