Douro Valley Wine Tour

Unwind in the Heart of Portugal's Wine Country on a Douro Valley Wine Tour, Where the Views Are as Breathtaking as the Wines


Overview of Douro Valley Wine Tour

The Douro Valley is not just any wine region; it stands out as one of the most alluring destinations, especially for those seeking a romantic short break. As you venture through, steeply terraced vineyards gracefully line the expansive bends of the Douro River, each turn revealing white and yellow hacienda-style wineries, affectionately known as “Quintas.” It’s in these very landscapes that Portugal’s finest wines originate, boasting legendary names like Quinta do Crasto and Quinta Nova, which undoubtedly strike a chord with wine lovers.

To truly appreciate the grandeur of this region, we’ve meticulously crafted a luxurious experience. Travel comfortably in a privately chauffeured Mercedes, ensuring you explore the Douro Valley with class and style. Your stay is equally opulent; imagine resting in a lavish spa hotel in a historic manor house, with sprawling vineyards in the foreground and the majestic Douro River flowing beneath.

Our curated itinerary then beckons you to the region’s wine sanctuaries, where exclusive tours and tastings await at revered estates such as Quinta do Crasto and Quinta do Noval. Explore the valley by river on a luxury private yacht. Then, extend your exploration to Porto’s Vila Nova de Gaia. In this realm, historic port lodges, like the esteemed Taylor’s Lodge and the enchanting Graham’s Lodge, command breathtaking vistas of Oporto.

But what’s a wine sojourn without a culinary odyssey? Food forms the heart of our gourmet escapades. Indulge in Portugal’s culinary masterpieces, ranging from time-honored recipes to hands-on winery cooking sessions and the sublime artistry of Michelin-starred creations. Relish personalized tasting menus at culinary gems like DOC and The Gastronomic at the Yeatman, or savor the delights at Graham Lodge’s signature eatery.

For connoisseurs, couples, or comrades with a shared penchant for port wines and the Douro Valley’s treasures, your wine pilgrimage beckons. Reach out to us, and together, we’ll craft your dream sojourn in Portugal’s wine heartland.


  • Luxury Transportation: Enjoy the Comfort of a Chauffeured Mercedes
  • VIP tour and tastings: Including Quinta do Crasto, Quinta Nova and Taylors Lodge
  • Gourmet Experience: Unforgettable Wining, Dining, and Cooking Class
  • Luxurious Accommodation: 5-Star Hotels, and Spa
  • Fabulous Excursions: Including Luxury Cruise along Douro in a Private Yacht

Unforgettable Journey Through the Enchanting Douro Valley: Your Exquisite Tailored Wine Adventure Awaits!

  1. Porto - Douro Valley

    Douro Valley vineyards
    Douro Valley vineyards

    From Porto to the Douro Valley

    • 5* Luxury Hotel, with balcony views
    • Home cooked lunch at Quinta with wine pairings
    • Privately Chauffeured Mercedes
  2. Douro Valley

    douro valley boat cruise
    Douro Valley boat cruise

    Private Luxury River Cruise

    • 5* Luxury Hotel, with balcony views
    • Full breakfast, tasting menu lunch with wines
    • Privately Chauffeured Mercedes
  3. Douro Valley

    Quinta Pacheca
    Quinta Pacheca

    Boutique Winery Experience and Quinta da Pacheca

    • 5* Luxury Hotel, with balcony views
    • Full breakfast, cooking class lunch with wines
    • Privately Chauffeured Mercedes
  4. Douro Valley

    Quinta do Crasto
    Quinta do Crasto

    Top Douro Estates

    • 5* Luxury Hotel, with balcony views
    • Full breakfast, Home cooked lunch at Quinta with wine pairings
    • Privately Chauffeured Mercedes
  5. Douro to Porto

    Picturesque Porto
    Picturesque Porto

    Discover Porto, Taylor’s and Blowout Farewell Dinner

    • 5* Luxury Hotel, with balcony views
    • Full Breakfast, Michelin Starred Dinner with wine pairings
    • Privately Chauffeured Mercedes
  6. Porto

    Boa Viagem!
    Boa Viagem!

    Depart Porto

    • None
    • Full Breakfast
    • Privately Chauffeured Mercedes

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