Teroldego: jewel of the Italian Alps

First-time visitors often believe that the Tuscan cliché defines Italy’s entire landscape. This is perfectly understandable: the rolling hills, olive groves, and sweeping vistas of central Italy have been hyped out of all proportion. Moreover, it is undeniable that Tuscany is one of the most beautiful examples of Instagram heaven on earth, with delectable wines […]

Negroamaro grape: The secret ingredient in the best red wines of Puglia

Collectors love Italian wine, but they do tend to quibble about one thing. “It is so difficult to understand Italy’s wine culture, with its multitude of regions, grapes, and vineyards,” they often complain. Indeed, there are over 350 DOC appellations and more than 100 IGTs (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) in this glorious country. There are more […]

Nerello Mascalese’s great revival

The wine trade is unanimous: Nerello Mascalese is the most exciting grape variety cultivated in Sicily today. One might even believe that it was created in a lab, custom-built to receive high scores from critics. All the cards are in order – Nerello Mascalese is often planted on spectacular volcanic terroir and has an uncanny […]

What to Eat in Lazio & the Best of Roman Cuisine

Located in central Italy, Lazio is nestled between Tuscany, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, and the Tyrrhenian Sea. This Italian region is home to Rome, the Eternal City, where thousands of travelers visit annually to experience the city’s illustrious history, architecture, and art. Rome has many celebrated sites worth exploring, from the colosseum to the Vatican, the […]

Montepulciano’s rising star

Montepulciano grape is something of an outlier among Italy’s eclectic palette of red grape varieties. It lacks the international renown of Sangiovese (although it is Italy’s second most widely planted indigenous variety) and the glamour of Nebbiolo. It is not achingly trendy; it does not lend its name to luxury brands marketed at oligarchs. And […]

Lombardian Cuisine:What to Eat in Lombardy from the Best Food in Milan and Beyond

The Essence of Lombardian Cuisine Lombardy is a geographically and culinarily diverse landlocked region in northern Italy. Switzerland borders Lombardy to the north, followed by the Veneto and Trentino Alto-Adige to the east, Emilia-Romagna to the south, and Piedmont to the west. Geographically, the spectacular Lombardian landscape consists of three zones: a mountainous Alpine and a pre-Alpine zone in the northern territory near […]

Aglianico emerges from the shadows

What is Aglianico Wine? Italy has a thousand distinct grape varieties, each adapted to a niche in the country’s incredibly diverse landscape. Sadly, many of these wonders remained local curiosities throughout the 20th century, consigned to local palates and cuisine. Few connoisseurs in the US and Northern Europe heard of Nerello Mascalese or Greco di […]

Trentino Alto-Adige Cuisine: Must Try Tyrolean Food Dishes

The Cuisine of Trentino Alto-Adige Tucked away in mountainous northeastern Italy, Trentino Alto-Adige is a unique Italian region in culture and cuisine. The alpine region is made up of two separate and distinctive provinces. Trentino [mostly Italian Cuisine influence], lies in the south encompassing the city of Trento as well. While Alto-Adige, also known as […]

The Spice of Sicily: Nero d’Avola

Although the key ingredient in Sicily’s viticulture lacks the global renown of Merlot, every Sicilian will tell you that Nero d’Avola can make spectacular wine. Not even the pungency of charcoal-seared red meat can overwhelm this robust red grape variety, celebrated for its immense structure, ripe acidity, and darkly-colored wines. Wine producers in Sicily are […]

Le Marche Cuisine: A Foodie Guide to Authentic Local Dishes

Le Marche is often overlooked in favor of its more well-known neighboring regions like Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. As a result, Le Marche is somewhat of an undiscovered gem for the culinary traveler. The beautiful Adriatic Sea borders the region on the east, where the cuisine is heavily influenced by seafood. Further east inland, you’ll find verdant rolling hills […]

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