Small but not forgotten: Malvasía de Rioja

Malvasía de Rioja is part of a very special family of Vitis Vinifera. According to the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine), there are at least 70 different genetic variations or sub-varieties of the Malvasía grape cultivated across Europe. Today, Malvasía is grown in locations as diverse as the Canary Islands, Rioja, Douro Valley, […]

Spain’s most versatile grape: Viura

The most prolific grape variety in northeast Spain is adaptable, versatile, and widely loved by growers. Viura, or Macabeo as it’s known in Catalunya, is responsible for a multitude of wine styles. It has traditionally been used in the Rioja region to make long-aged and oxidative white wines, typified by the splendid cuvées of Lopez […]

Sherry’s secret weapon: Palomino grape variety

Sherry is the ultimate paradox of Spanish fine wine. It is an iconic and world-renowned style that relies upon and indeed requires second-rate raw materials. Therefore, the criteria for inclusion are strict: Grapes must be relatively straightforward to grow and produce a generous yield. The berries must have low acidity and high pH. A neutral […]

Pedro Ximénez’s sweet embrace

Pedro Ximénez (PX) is responsible for producing some of the sweetest, most gloriously hedonistic dessert wines available today. In Jerez de la Frontera, grapes are left to raisin on grass mats for many days, concentrating the sugars to mouth-coating levels. These potent raw materials are then transformed into PX sherry, a category with over 450 […]

Rioja’s unique gift: Tempranillo Blanco

The spectacularly beautiful vineyards of Rioja are renowned for producing velvety-smooth reds from the Tempranillo grape, cultivated in the Iberian Peninsula for centuries. But there are also obscure treasures in Rioja that, until relatively recently, remained hidden from the eyes of the world. Step forward, if you please, Tempranillo Blanco. This is perhaps Spain’s most […]

A change of pace: Xarel-lo grape variety

Xarel-lo has been synonymous with sparkling wine for centuries. Cultivated in the hills of Penedès (south of Barcelona), it contributes vital structure and acidity to Cava and other sparkling wine styles like Corpinnat and Penedès Classic. As far as the winemaking community is concerned, most, if not all, of Spain’s greatest and most authentic sparkling […]

Comeback kid: Garnacha Blanca

Garnacha Blanca is one of Spain’s great revival stories. It’s a familiar tale: a once prolific variety fell out of fashion in the 20th century due to economic and cultural factors. Phylloxera certainly did the grape no favors; many Garnacha Blanca vines were not re-grafted in the early 1900s after Spain’s vineyards were devastated by […]

Una Sorpresa: Albillo grape variety

Spain is a chameleon. For wine lovers who seek familiar styles and much-loved classics, it offers velvety reds from Rioja and potent concoctions from Ribera del Duero. Sparkling wine aficionados take their pick from Cava, Corpinnat, and Conca del Rui Anoia, produced in spectacular vineyards located south of Barcelona. Fans of fortified have sherry, while […]

A Burgundy imitation: Godello grape variety

Spain has a longstanding global reputation for producing smooth and elegant red wines. Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Bierzo, and Priorat have become household names among collectors and Spanish enthusiasts looking for a taste of the Iberian Peninsula. Yet the nation’s talented winegrowers have not limited their ambitions to the color red. Modern Spain is all […]

Thrust into the spotlight: Albariño

For decades, white varieties from the Iberian Peninsula were an almost non-existent part of Europe’s restaurant scene. Wine lovers raved about silky reds from Rioja – they cheered the arrival of new vintages from Bodegas La Rioja Alta and Viña Tondonia. But fresh and fruit-driven white wines? They were noticeable by their absence. Thankfully, this […]

Verdejo’s journey to greatness

It has been described as Spain’s answer to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, which is not damning with faint praise! Once an unknown quantity in the arid plains of Castilla y León, Verdejo has been put on the international map. The acreage has been steadily increasing for years, reflecting the insatiable global demand for saline and […]

Guide to Portuguese Red Wine

Thirty-five years ago, Portugal was overwhelmingly associated with one signature wine style: port. In the eyes of many consumers, fortified wines and gallons of sun-kissed Mateus rosé were the totals of the nation’s viticultural output; many bottles were enjoyed on vacation, only to be quickly forgotten. Isolated behind Spain on the Atlantic fringe, collectors and […]

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