Explore the best of Normandy's bucolic countryside, culinary gems and stunning coastline on this private chauffeured tour.

Normandy is a gorgeous part of France and offers a treasure trove of gourmet experiences. Bordered to the north and the west by the English Channel (La Manche), stunning Brittany to the southwest, and the Paris basin to the east, Normandy has an idyllic location. Ask any discerning Parisian about their favorite corner of France, and the answer will likely be unanimous – Normandy. It’s a land of world-class gastronomy – who hasn’t heard of the delicious cheese Camembert? – and bucolic scenery, where gentle fields divided by hedgerows end at chalk-white cliffs and dune-lined beaches. Quaint timber cottages, stately chateaux, noble cathedrals, the spectacular abbey of Mont St-Michel, the intoxicating charms of calvados – Normandy is utterly alluring.

Of course, historians will quickly tell you that Normandy has known some good and not so good times. The Vikings, who hailed from Scandinavia, invaded present-day Normandy in the 9th century, establishing settlements along the coast and adopting Christianity. In 911 French king Charles the Simple and Viking chief Rollo agreed that the area around the city of Rouen should be handed over to these Norsemen – or Normans, as they came to be known. The region shot to prominence in 1066, when William the Conqueror set sail from its shores to start his conquest of England. Normandy also saw much conflict throughout the Hundred Years’ War (1337-1453), when the duchy seesawed between French and English rule. Then in the 16th century, Normandy, a Protestant stronghold, was the scene of much fighting between the Catholics and Huguenots.

However, Normandy only really shot to global fame after its role in the D-Day landings of 1944 became widely known. Today the region is an enticing blend of the maritime, the pastoral, and the urban – both old and new. The famous D-Day beaches are unmissable, as is Rouen’s famous Gothic cathedral and, of course, the glorious abbey of Mont St-Michel.

Yet this is just the beginning. It is hard to imagine a European region that packs in more attractions, both cultural and sensual, than Normandy. After admiring the marvelous Bayeaux Tapestry, explore the chic boutiques that occupy half-timbered houses in Rouen, gaze at the sheer cliffs that meet the sea along the Cote d’Albatre and enjoy exquisite gastronomy in the harbor of Honfleur. However long you spend in Normandy, it won’t be long enough.

Normandy Gourmet Food Tour Highlights:

  • Admire the architecture and art of the historic city of Rouen
  • VIP tour of Monet's flower-filled garden at Giverny
  • Private Driver Guide
  • Enjoy world-class gastronomy in Normandy's finest restaurants
  • Travel back a thousand years with the world's oldest comic strip – the Bayeux Tapestry

Below is a suggested Itinerary for your private Normandy Gourmet Food Tour

  1. Paris - Giverny

    Welcome to France - On to Normandy and the glorious garden of Giverny

    Giverny Garden, Normandy
    Giverny Garden
    • 5* Luxury Chateau Hotel, Audrieu, Normandy
    • Gourmet lunch with wines
    • Private Mercedes with Chauffeur

    Bienvenue en France! Your adventure begins in Paris, the fabled “City of Light.” A private Mercedes will be waiting to whisk you from the airport to your first port of call – Giverny. This delightful country village has long been a place of pilgrimage for devotees of Impressionism. Claude Monet lived here from 1883 until his death in 1926, in a pastel-pink house surrounded by utterly idyllic gardens. Marvel at the symmetrically laid-out gardens bursting with every conceivable type of flower. They truly are a sight to behold.

    Vernon, a picturesque town on the banks of the River Seine in the Eure department, is another highlight of your 1st day. Its charming streets and squares are filled with lovely half-timber houses, which date back to the 16th century. Vernon’s Gothic church was started in the 11th century, although construction didn’t finish until the 1600s. The stained-glass windows are particularly beautiful.

    Of course, you must make room for the sensual as well as the historic. After your tour, your chauffeur will take you to Le Jardin des Plumes, which is one of Normandy’s best restaurants. Enjoy a leisurely lunch in the convivial surroundings of a contemporary and very welcoming restaurant. Highlights include Les escargots de la Broche (snails from a special farm in Normandy), served with mint in a delectable pastry case. But make room for the main event, which could be a roast rabbit, or perhaps frogs legs served in delicious tempura. This divine Gallic feast will, of course, be paired with a selection of wines – Normandy has no viticultural heritage, but fine wines from nearby French regions will be served. Champagne and Chablis would be ideal.

    After lunch, you deserve some luxurious rest and relaxation. Your chauffeur will take you to your hotel, which is a glorious chateau situated in the middle of Normandy’s splendid countryside. Check-in, relax and unwind. There’s a pampering spa at your disposal, or perhaps a leisurely stroll and evening aperitif is called for. The evening is yours at leisure.

  2. Bayeaux - Mont St-Michel - Audrieu

    Mont St Michel and Bayeux Tapestry

    Mont saint Michel
    Mont saint Michel
    • 5* Luxury Chateau Hotel, Audrieu, Normandy
    • Full Breakfast , Traditional lunch with wines
    • Private Mercedes with Chauffeur

    Today is going to be very special indeed. After a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel, your driver will take you to the lovely town of Bayeux. It has become famous throughout the English-speaking world thanks to a majestic 68m-long piece of painstakingly embroidered cloth: the 11th century Bayeux tapestry is yours to admire at leisure. Fifty-eight scenes vividly tell the story of the Norman invasion of England in 1066. The showdown at the Battle of Hastings is depicted in truly graphic fashion – Halley’s comet, which blazed across the sky in 1066, also makes a spectacular appearance.

    Lunch is served at L’Angle Saint-Laurent, another of Normandy’s gastronomic hotspots. This quaint, inviting restaurant specializes in local delicacies and is understandably massively popular with discerning locals. After an aperitif, lavish your tastebuds on thin slices of Normandy scallops, butternut squash soup served with chorizo, or perhaps the legendary Normandy duck foie gras. Main courses just get better and better – if Normandy pork chop served with semi-roasted gherkin and pearl barley doesn’t whet your appetite, then Normandy veal filet, served with baked eggplant sprinkled with smoked mozzarella and buckwheat surely will. The restaurant will also serve a selection of excellent wines to match each course.

    After lunch, prepare to be utterly captivated by one of France’s most iconic images: the slender towers and sky-scraping turrets of the abbey of Mont St-Michel rising from stout ramparts and battlements, the whole ensemble connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway. Marvel at the extraordinary architecture – this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to step back into the Middle Ages. During the Hundred Years’ War, the English blockaded and besieged Mont St-Michel three times. The bay became a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1979. It is also famed for having Europe’s highest tidal variations.

    After a surfeit of culture and gastronomy, it’s time to head back to your luxurious accommodation. The evening is entirely at your disposal.

  3. Cabourg - Camembert - Calvados - Cabourg

    Calvados Tour, Camembert Cheese and Cabourg Beach

    Camembert Cheese
    • 5* Luxury Sea Front Hotel, Cabourg , Normandy
    • Full Breakfast , Tastings of Cheese and Calvados
    • Private Mercedes with Chauffeur

    Another day, another rich variety of sights smells and sounds in Normandy. After breakfast, your luxury Mercedes will take you to France’s most famous cheese village – Camembert. Even non-aficionados of the famous cheese will love this enchanting village – with its timber-framed farms built on lush green slopes; Camembert offers an authentic entry into Normandy’s’ timeless rural life. Of course, you’re here to learn more about the village’s signature export, so we’ve arranged a VIP tour and tasting at Fromagerie Durand. The invention of Camembert is generally credited to Marie Harel, who was supposedly given the secret of soft cheese-making by an Abbott from Brie on the run from Revolutionary mobs in 1790. But whatever the truth of the legend, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled tour at what is arguably Normandy’s most excellent artisan cheese producer.

    And there’s more to follow. After you finish sampling delicious Camembert, we’ve arranged another VIP visit to Calvados producer Pierre Huet Cambremer. One of the leading lights of boutique Calvados production, this family firm has been making Calvados (apple brandy) for generations. Gain invaluable insights into the unique apple-growing terroir of the region and enjoy their exquisite collection of apple brandies – this is a significant highlight of the tour. Lunch is a light affair today – we recommend an utterly traditional lunch of crêpes, at Les Jardins du Pays d’Auge, which is just next to the Calvados distillery. Bon appetite!

    The afternoon then calls for something exceptional indeed. Chateau du Breuil is one of the region’s most historic and renowned Calvados producers, so a VIP tour and tasting in their grandiose premises is guaranteed to be memorable. Remember, you’re not driving today, so enjoy the tasting to its full extent and indulge yourself. When you’re ready, the chauffeur will take you to Cabourg. This exclusive seaside town was reportedly Marcel Proust’s favorite vacation spot, and it’s easy to see why. Chic, understated, and supremely elegant – Cabourg has an effortless class about it. We’ve arranged for you to stay in the town’s leading hotel, with sea views and exemplary service as standard. Check-in, relax, and enjoy a blissfully relaxing stroll along the promenade.

  4. Cabourg - Caen - Colleville sur Mer - Cabourg

    William the Conqueror's Caen, War Memorial and D-Day Beaches

    Ivan Vautier Restaurant
    Ivan Vautier Restaurant
    • 5* Luxury Sea Front Hotel, Cabourg , Normandy
    • Full Breakfast , Michelin starred lunch with wine pairings
    • Private Mercedes with Chauffeur

    After a gourmet breakfast at your hotel, we invite you to become better acquainted with Caen. Founded in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, Caen – the capital of the Basse Normandie region – was 80% destroyed during the battle of Normandy. Tastefully and lovingly restored, today, Caen is a fascinating place to visit, offering visitors a walled medieval chateau, two ancient abbeys, and a clutch of excellent museums, including a groundbreaking war memorial. Situated 3km northwest of the city center, the innovative Memorial – Un Musee pour la Paix (Memorial – A Museum for Peace), provides an insightful and vivid account of the Battle of Normandy.

    Lunch should prove to be equally memorable. We’ve reserved a table for you at a leading Michelin-starred restaurant Ivan Vautier, which boasts a simply gorgeous garden terrace. It’s an enticing package – world-class service, gastronomy and wine in the most sumptuous of surroundings. Your lunch might feature sea bream fillet served with French beans, tomato shallots, and red pepper, or perhaps pork loin cooked sous-vide. Naturally, the wine pairings will be 1st class.

    After lunch, your driver will take you on a tour of Normandy’s most famous strip of coastline – the 5 D-Day landing beaches. Code-named ‘Operation Overlord’, the D-Day landings were the largest military operation in history. On the morning of 6 June 1944, swarms of landing crafts hit the northern Normandy beaches, and tens of thousands of soldiers from the USA, the UK, Canada, and elsewhere began pouring onto French soil. The code names for the five landing beaches were Utah, Omaha, Gold, June, and Sword.

    We also have made time for you to explore the Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial at Colleville Sur Mer. The military cemeteries scattered across Normandy are a powerful reminder of the actual cost of the liberation of Europe from Nazi domination. The American cemetery above Omaha Beach was established in the late 1940s when American war dead were brought here from temporary cemeteries established during the fighting. Strolling around the memorial, it’s impossible not to be moved by the sheer scale of the devastation – and to marvel at the courage of the US servicemen who helped to liberate Europe.

    When you’re ready, your chauffeur will take you back to Cabourg for a relaxing evening at your leisure. A glass of Champagne before dinner? Why not!

  5. Cabourg - Houlgate - Honfleur

    Charming Coastal Towns of Normandy

    Honfleur harbor
    Honfleur harbor
    • 5* Luxury Spa Hotel, Honfleur, Normandy
    • Full Breakfast
    • Private Mercedes with Chauffeur

    This morning, you’ll have the chance to visit Normandy’s coastal gems, towns of such charm and elegance that you’ll never want to leave. Your driver will start today’s tour at Houlgate, a chic and compact resort that boasts a lovely beach, which is utterly perfect for the aimless ambler. After enjoying the tranquility of Houlgate, prepare to be dazzled. Honfleur is, without question, Normandy’s most charming seaside town. Long a favorite with painters but now more popular with the Parisian jet set, Honfleur’s nautical tradition dates back over a millennium. After the Norman invasion of England in 1066, goods bound for the conquered isle were shipped across the channel from here. Today, Honfleur’s beating heart – and unmissable attraction – is the Vieux Bassin (Old Town) from where explorers once set sail for the New World—now filled with pleasure yachts, the pastel-colored buildings that surround the port beg to be explored. You’ll undoubtedly want to take your time exploring quai Sainte-Catherine – lined with tall, taper-thin houses, there is something timeless about this part of the world.

    The Eglise Ste-Catherine also begs to be explored. Initially intended as a temporary structure, this extraordinary church has been standing in the square for over 500 years. Built by the people of Honfleur during the 15th and 16th centuries after its stone predecessor had been destroyed during the Hundred Years’ War, wood was used to save funds for strengthening the fortifications around the Enclos. The Church’s free-standing wooden bell tower is particularly beautiful.

    Lunch today is at your leisure, but we would like to recommend Restaurant L’Homme de Bois, an old-time brasserie with utterly exquisite shellfish, fish and meat dishes served in a candle-lit dining room. Specialties include mussels, fish soup, and lobster. After your gourmet and leisurely lunch, relax in your comfortable Mercedes as we ferry you to a very glamorous and luxurious hotel on the outskirts of Honfleur. After a painless check-in, why not avail yourself to the pampering spa – the essence of tranquility. The evening is free time, but the hotel has an excellent onsite restaurant. Alternatively, they will be happy to recommend restaurants in Honfleur.

  6. Honfleur - Rouen - Pont-l’Évêque - Honfleur

    Historic Rouen & Joan of Arc

    Clock Street, Rouen
    Clock Street, Rouen
    • 5* Luxury Spa Hotel, Honfleur, Normandy
    • Full Breakfast , Traditional lunch with wines
    • Private Mercedes with Chauffeur

    Today we would like you to experience the epic beauty of Rouen. After breakfast, your chauffeur will whisk you away to one of Normandy’s key highlights. A private, expert guide will be waiting to ensure you enjoy only the very best, and bespoke tour of this medieval gem. With its elegant spires, beautifully restored medieval quarter and soaring Gothic cathedral, the ancient city of Rouen is understandably on everyone’s bucket list. Known to the Romans as Rotomagus, Rouen has had a turbulent history – it was devastated several times over the centuries by fire and plague. The old city’s main thoroughfare is delightful and demands a lengthy investigation. It was the scene of Joan of Arc’s execution in 1431 – the warrior who helped to defeat the English during the Hundred Years’ War was tried and executed on a charge of treason. She was burned at the stake and died a martyr.

    After your VIP tour, we invite you to take lunch at a quintessential Rouen tavern – La Petite Auberge. One of their specialties is snails, but if that’s not to your liking then a whole host of gastronomic delicacies wait. Canard a la Rouennaise is a local highlight – Rouen-style duck is duck stuffed with its liver and served with a red wine sauce. Enjoyed with a glass of red Burgundy, perhaps Volnay, there is nothing finer.

    In the afternoon your driver will take a detour to Pont-l’Évêque, a hamlet that has been synonymous with cheese for many centuries. Some of the most enduring names in the pungent world of French cheese come from Normandy, and Pont-l’Évêque is undoubtedly the prettiest destination of all. During World War II, the hamlet was severely damaged by the Battle of Normandy but has been carefully restored since. Take a stroll, order a glass of wine and unwind. Bliss.

    In the evening you’ll return to your hotel. Why not reserve a table at their excellent restaurant or bar?

  7. Honfleur - Le Pont de Normandie - Etretat

    Helicopter ride over the Etretat Sea Cliffs & Delightful Deauville

    Restaurant L
    Restaurant L'essentiel
    • 5* Luxury Spa Hotel, Honfleur, Normandy
    • Full Breakfast , Gourmet lunch with wines
    • Private Mercedes with Chauffeur

    This is your last full day in Normandy, so we have organized a spectacular send off! After breakfast, your driver will take you to Deauville airport, where a VIP helicopter tour of the surrounding region awaits. The itinerary is terrific, encompassing Honfleur, Le Pont de Normandie, and Etretat. The small village of Etretat is known for its twin cliffs: the Falaise d’Aval and the Falaise d’Armont positioned on either side of a pebbly beach. Enjoy unparalleled views of the d’Aval and d’Armont cliffs – d’Aval has been compared to an elephant dipping its trunk in the sea by French writer Maupassant. The adjacent Aiguille is a 70m-high spire of chalk-white rock rising from the surface of the waves. Utterly breathtaking.

    After that exhilarating ride, we think a gourmet lunch is in order. We promised you a spectacular finale, and l’essentiel does not disappoint. Deaville’s most elegant restaurant would have you start with poached langoustine, cooked in a smoked eel broth, garnished with thai grass, or veal tartar served on a bed of cashews, pistachio oil, and wasabi. Marrying classic French gastronomy with fusion influences, l’essentiel is Normandy’s most sophisticated restaurant. Pigeon, stuffed cabbage, and tamarin juice call for a memorable pairing; fortunately, the restaurant’s cellar is formidable! Our top choice? Chateau Trotanoy.

    What could surpass this hedonistic feast? Well, we’ve decided to let you enjoy Deauville at your own pace. Impossibly chic, Deauville has been a playground of the rich and famous ever since it was founded by Napoleon III’s half-brother, the Duke of Morny, in 1861. Today it is packed with excellent restaurants, deluxe hotels, glamorous boutiques, and is home to two racetracks and a high-profile American film festival.

    So, where to start? In Deauville, the rich and beautiful strut their stuff along the beachside Promenade des Planches, a 643m-long boardwalk lined with cabins named after famous Americans (mainly film stars), before swimming in the nearby Piscine Olympique or losing some euros at the casino. Of course, you could always just relax at a seafront cafe and order some Champagne.

    When you’re ready to depart, the chauffeur will return you to Honfleur. We sincerely hope you’ve had a blast. The last evening is at your leisure, so why not explore some of Honfleur’s lovely and hospitable restaurants?

  8. Honfleur- Paris

    Depart for Paris

    See you again soon, Au Revoir
    See you again soon, Au Revoir!
    • none
    • Full Breakfast
    • Private Mercedes with Chauffeur

    We are sorry to say that today marks the end of your tour. At your convenience, your private chauffeur will transfer you back to Paris or your next port of call.

    We hope you had an unforgettable time on this gourmet, luxury tour of beautiful, historic Normandy. Bon voyage!

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