Lyon Food and Wine Tour

A Gastronomic Journey Through Historic Delights and Michelin-starred Heights


Overview of Lyon Food and Wine Tour

Elegant Lyon, whose old town is a UNESCO world heritage site, is France’s gastronomic capital. The vibrant Vieux Lyon historic streets are extraordinarily atmospheric, bursting with quaint bouchons and terrific, traditional bistros that historically were inns or post houses. They contrast deliciously with the new wave of creative cuisine from the city’s numerous Michelin-starred kitchens.

Lyon’s citizens live to eat; the locals think about food, talk about it, and are always busy planning the next meal. Daily food markets are bursting at the seams with freshly picked (by hand) fruits and vegetables, artisan cheeses, fresh-made pastries to swoon over, baked bread, local truffles, wild honey, local Bresse chickens, air-dried Jambon (French cured ham), wines from the nearby outstanding Côtes Rôties and Beaujolais vineyards and so much more!

Are you a lover of fine dining and unique culinary experiences? Then this tour is for you! You’ll savor the city’s flavors, immersing yourself in traditional and contemporary renditions of the cherished Lyonnaise cuisine. You will spend a few days in the vines visiting up-and-coming wine producers and mythical wine Maisons in the picture-postcard dreamy region of Beaujolais and the super prestigious Rhône Valley.

In Lyon, you will have a culinary expert take you food shopping, learn how to shop for and prepare a traditional Lyonnaise meal with a local chef, make chocolate with a maestro, sip champagne in an art deco style setting, and enjoy guided tours of the genuinely remarkable local markets, including Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse. And the ultimate highlight of this trip is, without a doubt, your dinner at the mythical Michelin-starred L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges de Paul Bocuse- exceptional!

Contact us today for a Bespoke Luxury tour of Lyon and all its gastro treasures.


  • Luxury Transportation: Enjoy the Comfort of a Chauffeured Mercedes and Touring in Vintage Bentley
  • VIP tour and tastings: at top Chateaux in Rhône and Beaujolais
  • Gourmet Experience: Unforgettable Wining and Dining, Michelin Starred, Lunch with Winemakers and Cooking Class
  • Luxurious Accommodation: 5-Star Luxury Hotel & Historic Wine Château
  • Fabulous Excursions: Private Sunset River Cruise in Champagne, Privately Market Tour with Local Experts

Unveiling Your Customized Lyon Adventure: Explore Your Tailored Itinerary

  1. Lyon

    Beautiful Private Venue for Champagne Tasting
    Beautiful Private Venue for Champagne Tasting

    Bienvenue! Food Tour in UNESCO Heritage Quarter and Champagne Tasting

    • 5* Boutique hotel in Vieux Lyon
    • Food Tour Lunch with Wines, Champagne tasting
    • Privately Chauffeured Mercedes
  2. Lyon

    Paul Bocuse
    Paul Bocuse's 2-Starred Michelin restaurant

    Chef's Market Tour, Cooking Class, Extraordinary Dinner at Bocuse

    • 5* Boutique hotel in Vieux Lyon
    • Full Breakfast, Cooking Class Lunch with wines, Michelin starred tasting menu dinner with wines
    • Private Sunset Cruise
  3. Lyon

    Église du Bon-Pasteur in La Croix-Rousse
    Église du Bon-Pasteur in La Croix-Rousse

    Explore Lyon by Electric Bike & Fun Private Wine Workshop

    • 5* Boutique hotel in Vieux Lyon
    • Full Breakfast, Wine workshop with pairings
    • Electric Bike Tour, Private Chauffeur
  4. Lyon - Vaux-en-Beaujolais – Villié-Morgon - Oingt - Lyon

    Domaine Gérard Brisson
    Domaine Gérard Brisson

    Beaujolais Wine Tour, Picnic in Vines, Rare Old Vintages, Vintage Bentley

    • 5* Boutique hotel in Vieux Lyon
    • Full Breakfast, Picnic Lunch with winemaker
    • Privately Chauffeured Mercedes and Vintage Bentley Vineyard Drive
  5. Lyon

    Sève Chocolate Making Experience
    Sève Chocolate Making Experience

    Chocolate Making Class, Gourmet Shopping, Michelin Starred Dinner

    • 5* Boutique hotel in Vieux Lyon
    • Full Breakfast, Gourmet Tastings, Chocolate Tasting
    • Privately chauffeured Mercedes
  6. Lyon - Tain l' Hermitage - Millery

    Sleep in the Wine Château
    Sleep in the Wine Château

    Northern Rhône Wines and Sleep at the Château

    • Historic Wine Château
    • Full Breakfast, Lunch with wines, Cooking class dinner with wines
    • Privately chauffeured Mercedes
  7. Millery- Lyon

    See you again soon, Au Revoir
    See you again soon, Au Revoir!

    Au Revoir!

    • None
    • Full Breakfast
    • Privately chauffeured Mercedes


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