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Last updated: July 9, 2024

Winery Overview

For more than a century, the Vigna Rionda-Massolino Winery has been making a name for its self by producing spicy, aromatic Barolos. In the Barolo region of Piedmont, this fantastic family-run winery was founded in 1896 and is now run by three generations of the family, including winemakers Franco and Roberto Massolino. In the beautiful wine hamlet of Serralunga d’Alba, the small Estate is divided into four vineyards with only 18 hectares of planted vineyards. Yet, nearly a dozen pampered, boutique wines come from this modest landholding. The vineyard views from the winery are fantastic, a patchwork of colors in autumn (the best time to go wine touring in the Piedmont region).

Massolino’s best-known wine is its Classic Barolo; in production since 1911, this entry-level yet consistently excellent brew is a blend of grapes from several different vineyards. After generations of production, it’s still the winery’s best-known wine. Made with Nebbiolo grapes grown in different subzones, the wine reflects the terroir’s broad and variable spectrum of perfumes, ranging from the classic spicy notes to those of a sweeter, floral, and fruity nature.

The more exclusive wines originate in the winery’s three cru vineyards: Margheria, Parafada, and Vigna Rionda. These small one- to two-hectare vineyards are the birthplace of the highly respected wines Barolo Margheria, Barolo Parafada, and Vigna Rionda Riserva. Each is a complex blend with great aging potential. The Margheria vineyard is one of the most important and famous cru vineyards of Serralunga, purchased by the Estate towards the end of the Fifties. The soil is calcareous with a good percentage of sand, adding elegance, minerals, and spicy notes to the wine. Nearby is the marly-lime-soiled Parafada vineyard, where wine with rich berry, leather, and vanilla notes originates. With a similar marly lime soil, the vineyard situated in Vigna Rionda produces an important, potent wine suitable for long aging.

Wines produced

  • Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 2006

    100% Dolcetto 14.5% Alc.
  • Barbera d’Alba DOC 2006

    100% Barbera 13.5% Alc.
  • Barbera d’Alba DOC Gisep 2005

    100% Barbera 14%Alc.
  • Langhe DOC Chardonnay

    100% Chardonnay 14% Alc.
  • Langhe DOC Nebbiolo

    100% Nebbiolo 14% Alc.
  • Barolo DOCG 2003

    100% Nebbiolo 14% Alc.
  • Barolo DOCG Margheria 2002

    100% Nebbiolo 13.5% Alc.
  • Barolo DOCG Parafada 2002

    100% Nebbiolo 14% Alc.
  • Barolo DOCG Vigna Rionda Riserva 2001

    100% Nebbiolo 14% Alc.
  • Moscato d’Asti DOCG 2006

    100% Moscato 5.5% Alc.

Winery Contact Details


Piazza Cappellano, 8
12050 Serralunga d’Alba (CN)

Email: [email protected]
Tel +39 0173 613138
Fax +39 0173 613949
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Facts & Figures


(D.O.C) Dolcetto d’Alba DOC, Barbera d’Alba DOC, Langhe DOC / (D.O.C.G) Barolo DOCG, Moscato d’Asti DOCG



Area under Vine

18 hectares

Age of vines

4 to 60 years old

Oak barrel origin

Large barrels built with Slovenian oak are used for most wines; only the Langhe DOC Chardonnay, the Barolo DOCG Parafada and the Barbera d’Alba DOC Gisep are aged in barriques.


Franco Massolino


Massolino Family


450,000 bottles

Grape varietals

Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Moscato, Chardonnay

Grape Varieties Used by the Winery

  • Chardonnay

    Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape varietal native to the Burgundy wine region in France and one of the most popular varieties worldwide.

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  • Moscato

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  • Barbera

    Discover Piedmont and Nebbiolo: A Noble Marriage of Grape and Terroir. Explore the essence of Nebbiolo in the Langhe hills of northern Italy.

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  • Dolcetto

    Discover Piedmont and Nebbiolo: A Noble Marriage of Grape and Terroir. Explore the essence of Nebbiolo in the Langhe hills of northern Italy.

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  • Nebbiolo

    Discover Piedmont and Nebbiolo: A Noble Marriage of Grape and Terroir. Explore the essence of Nebbiolo in the Langhe hills of northern Italy.

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