Profile of Dow Port

Dow’s was founded in 1798 by a Portuguese merchant named Bruno da Silva. Mr. Da Silva started the wine importing business in London, importing Port Wines from his native Oporto. Fifty years later, his son joined forces with the Englishmen William Cosens to create Silva & Cosens. In the early 1800s, Da Silva capitalized on tensions between England and France and successfully imported Port into Bristol and London.

In 1868 George A. Warre, a descendant of William Warre and an important personality in the Port wine trade of the time (from one of the most established British families in Porto), became a partner. He was later joined by James Ramsay Dow in 1877 when DOW & Co. merged with Silva & Cosens. The Dow brand was decided in 1893 when Rodrick Dow became a partner. By this time, the company had become one of the largest Port wine shipping houses in Porto. Messrs. Dow & Co. enjoyed a prestigious reputation for the shipment of quality wines, specifically Vintage Ports. With the arrival of Roderick Dow, the decision was taken to make Dow’s Port the House Brand of the Company.

In 1912 Andrew James Symington became a partner (simultaneously with other wineries, including Warre’s). His three sons managed the port wine business over the course of two world wars and amazingly kept the company in family hands all the way up until today. Dow’s is 100% owned and managed by the 4th generation of Symingtons. The firm is credited with pioneering modern winemaking in the Douro Valley. Dow’s wines are today considered some of the best in Port wine country.

Wines produced

  • Dow's Vintage Port

    On average only three times in a decade is the weather suitable for the declaration of a Vintage year and only a small handful of vineyards in the Alto Douro produce wines of the potential to become Vintage Port. The wine is aged for two to two and a half years in wood before being bottled, unfiltered.

  • Dow's Quinta do Bomfin Vintage Port

    Dow's finest vineyard, acquired and planted by the firm in 1980, situated in the most favorable location in the Upper Douro and with classified 'A' grade vineyards. In 'non-declared' years, the quinta produces wines of consistently high quality, which are selected and bottled as Dow's Quinta do Bomfim.

  • Dow's Quinta Sra. da Ribeira Vintage Port

    This famed estate was bought back by the Symington family in 1998, Dow's Bicentenary year. The wine is aged for a minimum 18 months in the Quinta's oak vats, before bottling in the spring of its second year.

  • Dow's Late Bottled Vintage

    These wines come from the same vineyards that, in a year when a Vintage is "declared", produce Vintage Port. However, as they are bottled between the fourth and sixth year after the harvest, they mature more quickly and are ready to drink much sooner.

  • Dow's Crusted Port

    Dow's Crusted Port is a blend of high quality wines from recent vintages that have been matured in cask for two to three years before bottling without any filtration. The wine is then aged for a further three years in bottle prior to being offered for sale.

  • Dow's Trademark

    This Port originates from Dow's own Quinta do Bomfim estate and a handful of neighbouring vineyards. Fruity, luscious and mellow with an attractive undertone of spice. Trademark has the slightly drier finish than others in the range.

  • Old Tawny Ports (10 - over 40 years old)

    Peter and Charles Symington select young wines of great style and body for setting aside and maturing in oak, over many years. During the ageing, the Ports gradually lose the full, deep red color of their youth and take on the classic amber hue, which gives them their name.

  • Other Wines Include

    Rubies, Tawnies and White Ports

Winery details

Dow Port

Travessa Barao de Forrester, Apartado 14
Vila Nova de Gaia, 4401-997
Tel +351 22 377 6300
Fax +351 22 377 6301

Area under vine
70 Ha
Peter and Charles Symington
186,000 cases
Grape varietals
Roriz, Touriga Francesa, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cao, Tinta Amarela

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