Segovia Travel Guide

Discover the secrets of a medieval wonderland in Segovia, where history and gastronomy meet

Segovia is a tremendously picturesque town in Spain’s central Castille region and is a delight for the gourmet traveler. It has one of Europe’s largest concentrations of Romanesque churches, most dating back to the 11th century. It is home to the famous Alcazar castle, which inspired Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle and where Queen Isabel gave Columbus financial backing for his trip to discover the Americas. Two rivers border Segovia, a beautiful city full of narrow cobblestone streets. The town inhabitants have a penchant for suckling pig and full-bodied Ribera Del Duero wines, a treat in the old town’s atmospheric, traditional “Asador” restaurants. There are charming, classically Spanish streets, restaurants, and cafes. Segovia has a rich Gothic, Roman, and Romanesque architectural heritage.

In Roman and Medieval times, Segovia had great importance regarding wool production and was the strategic site of a Roman military base. Today, it is known for agriculture and tourism. In 1985, Segovia’s tourism popularity grew when it was declared by UNESCO “Heritage of Mankind.” The city is close to Madrid, a 54-mile drive, making it a comfortable and attractive tourist destination. Hidden within the mountains, this small charming town is a must-see for visitors to Spain.

  • Traditional oven for roasting Cochinillo
    Traditional oven for roasting Cochinillo

    Gastronomy & Wine

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  • Restaurante Jose Maria

    In the heart of Segovia, a Cellar Tours favorite, Restaurante Jose Maria, has been serving traditional Castilian cuisine since 1982. This iconic restaurant, renowned for its succulent roasted meats and historic ambiance, has become a destination for food lovers from all over the world. The meats here are a true masterpiece, from the succulent cochinillo to the melt-in-your-mouth lechazo, washed down with top-notch wines from the proprietor’s vineyard. With its attentive service and dedication to quality ingredients, Restaurante Jose Maria is a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic taste of Segovia.

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  • Alcazar

    In the western part of the city lies a magnificent castle that rises above the city. It houses an armor museum, including a tour through the old decorated rooms of the castle and a spectacular view from the top tower that can’t be missed. The present building was constructed in 1862 after a fire.

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  • Cathedral

    This cathedral dates back to 1525 and is the last Gothic church built in Spain. It was built to replace the one destroyed during a revolt; the cloister is the only surviving piece of the old cathedral. Flying buttresses and silhouettes surround the cathedral with a magnificent vaulted interior.

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  • Aqueduct

    This aqueduct is over 2,000 years old and was initially built by Roman settlers, who historically used Segovia as a military base. As a result, it is the largest and most well-preserved of any in Europe. It comprises 20,400 stone blocks, no top covering, or an ounce of mortar. As a result, the aqueduct is one of the most impressive in Europe.

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  • Casa de los Picos

    Casa de Los Picos is an ancient Jewish home that has been converted into a museum. Legend has it that the new owners put the pyramid-like peaks as tiles sticking out of the edifice to ward off the evil spirits and the idea that the Jews may have left in the building.

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